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 Stupid tyres - bathtub tom
I popped into a local tyre place for some tyres for the Kia. (Are there any 165/70 x 12s in the country?)

They had some sort of American pick-up with 295/25 x 28 on it. I've never seen anything so ludicrous. There was less than a couple of inches of sidewll between the rim and the ground. To cap it they were also marked M+S.
 Stupid tyres - VxFan
>> To cap it they were also marked M+S.

They weren't ordinary tyres, they were Marks & Spencer tyres ;o)
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 Stupid tyres - L'escargot
>> Are there
>> any 165/70 x 12s in the country.

Lots. Try googling.
 Stupid tyres - bathtub tom
>>Lots. Try googling.

Yep, lots listed. None available.
 Stupid tyres - FotheringtonTomas
You could try a wheelbarrow tyre...
 Stupid tyres - bathtub tom
>> You could try a wheelbarrow tyre...

I don't think I need anything with such a high speed rating.
 Stupid tyres - crocks
You could try scrapyards and secondhand tyre shops. :-)

( Ducks, and awaits incoming.)
 Stupid tyres - Bellboy
im sure ive said before but will repeat
ring a wholesaler who sends tyres on a daily basis to tyre outlets
because of the fluctuating price in the world markets my tyre people havent sent a price booklet out for 18 months now,you ring up and dependant on the price they paid for todays far eastern delivery will decide todays price
(you are aware the usa have put a very large import tax on chinese tyres and china has reacted with a chicken feet import tax?)
 Stupid tyres - bathtub tom
I've tried my local tyre places (even Kwikfit) and been there while they try their suppliers, to no avail.

Secondhand, or different size wheels, looks like my only options.
 Stupid tyres - ....
D.A.T. tyres have the size you're looking for. Kumho's at £30 per tyre.
 Stupid tyres - SteelSpark
Bathtub, is this the right tyre?
 Stupid tyres - bathtub tom
gmac and SS.

Thanks. How did you find them? I spent hours yesterday searching the interweb thingmy without success.
 Stupid tyres - SteelSpark
>> gmac and SS.
>> Thanks. How did you find them? I spent hours yesterday searching the interweb thingmy without
>> success.

The problem with Google (or any other search engine) is that you need to find an exact match for a search string, which the site you want might not have. I tried searching for 165/70 x 12, but then changed it to 165/70 R12, that didn't find anything in stock, but it gave me this:

So then I picked the "SS729" text from the first tyre and Googled that instead, which got me the hit.
 Stupid tyres - ....
I have the search bar in IE8 set to
I typed tyre supplier in, one of the first returns was D.A.T. tyres. You also get the usual suspects camskill, blackcircles etc...
 Stupid tyres - bathtub tom

I'm convinced there are no 165/70x12s in the country. Those places that said they had them tell porkies. I'm hearing they're no longer made, that seems to be confirmed by an American website whose members also report similar problems. Kia Prides were sold as Ford Festivas in America where there's a large following .

A chat with my insurers confirmed they have no problem with me fitting 155/80x12s (3% larger diam.) and noted on my policy - let's hope I can find some!
 Stupid tyres - ....
On the upside you could get the tin opener out and fit some blingin' 20" wheels :)
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