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 What's the car? - Bazzabear

I was thinking a Datsun Z of some sort, but there's something about it that makes me think I may be wrong...
 What's the car? - Zero
Nah the back is all wrong for a Z
 What's the car? - Bazzabear
That might have been the nagging point! So long since I've seen one in the flesh.
 What's the car? - -
 What's the car? - Netsur
Definitely European. Triumph GT6?
 What's the car? - Zero
thats what I am figuring
 What's the car? - Netsur
It was the front quarter lights that got me thinking and the sharp pronounced rear haunches/wings. Too small for the Aston and the car had something MGB about it without it being an MG.
 What's the car? - crocks
Another vote for the GT6.
 What's the car? - swiss tony
GT6 for sure, I think a Mk1, vague possibility of being a Mk2.
 What's the car? - R.P.
GT6 as well. Not Japanese windscreen wipers them.
 What's the car? - Fenlander
Yep has to be a Mk.I GT6.

SWMBO came within minutes of buying a valencia blue one back in the late 70's... just thought a call to the insurance co might be in order. She already had a Triumph 2000 with the same engine but the GT6 was about 2.5x as much to insure.

They were a good MGB alternative but never quite achieved the same cult following.

With their seperate chassis the rust issues were not quite so serious as a B and that 2lit 6cyl engine was so impressive in a tiny car.

The Mk.II smoothed the rear end off in a Stag style but was not quite so classic looking.
 What's the car? - Ted

Just as it pulls away from the pumps you get a glimpse of the bonnet bulge of the 6 pot engine.

 What's the car? - swiss tony
>> The Mk.II smoothed the rear end off in a Stag style but was not quite
>> so classic looking.
Beg to differ, the Stag rear end was the Mk3,
Mk2 had same rear end styling as the Mk1, but with improved rear suspension, and modified front panels, to raise the bumper.
 What's the car? - Fenlander
No problem... I'd forgotten they had a Mk1 then some detail changes to make a Mk2 (which I always thought a Mk1.5) and then as you say the Mk 3 with the major changes to styling ... rear end in particular. I was mainly a Triumph 2000/2500 enthusiast back then when they more simply had the Mk1/Mk2.

I wonder if the GT6 would seem a bit small now... I remember them as halfway between a Midget and a B.

A Herald 12/50 was my first car so the family feel of the Triumph make always appealed.
 What's the car? - Fenlander
I looked at Wiki to see where I'd misremembered the Mk 2/3 thing and saw this image...

Cracking example and one where the Mk3 styling looks really good. Interior seems to be a smart piped leather retrim too.
 What's the car? - swiss tony
Id hardly call it 'misremembered' and dont beat yourself up over it lol
In fact Im not certain that they were call Mk1, 2 and 3 whilst in production, but with the passing of time things change...
Lovely cars, and Id love a Spitty now.... My brother had one, a Mk5, which he had a fastback hardtop for, made it look a bit like a GT6...
I have memories of sitting behind the seats legs across the car!
He would get the book thrown at him now!
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