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 car damaged by wind - Bellboy
story here
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thanks pugugly i did as you said,its been a long wait but cheque for full damage came this week
thanks again....
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 car damaged by wind - R.P.
Eh ?? Seems HJ was in the swear filter, you'll have to remind us !
 car damaged by wind - Bellboy
car parked up, next doors insecure gate blew off in the wind and damaged the side of my car
everyone said act of god
we said insecure gate irrespective of wind
we won
 car damaged by wind - R.P.
Good Bellboy I remember now - glad it worked out for you.
 car damaged by wind - rtj70
I added HJ site for about a day to the swear filter and deleted it. Someone may have added it back.

Obviously I cannot check any more.
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 car damaged by wind - VxFan
>> Someone may have added it back.

Not me.

EDIT - link removed from swear filter.
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 car damaged by wind - Avant
Maybe something to do with a Thai curry eaten by HJ?
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