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I've serviced the 'van over the last weekend. 6 years old with biennial servicing prescribed. Other than the first service when it was just in warranty, I've carried out my own services, partially because almost all "Fiat Professional" dealers have ramped their labour charges up to premium rates, and partially because my experience of all the local ones I've used has been poor at best.

For the service I've just carried out people are generally being quoted between £500 and £650 (sometimes more). I can do it for <£100 in parts (mainly Fiat parts, but some other quality brands). Whilst I baulk at doing the timing belt, all the regular servicing items are relatively easy (even if replacing the pollen filter is a job for a double-jointed dwarf, a profile I nowhere near fit). I also know it's been done. (I have near-dealer level software on my laptop which enables full diagnostics and service reset).

MOT was then booked online as usual for tomorrow at the local large bus/coach garage since I had to be here anyway. They work long hours and can cope with vehicles up to Double-Deck bus size and beyond (although motorhomes regardless of size are the same Class IV MOT as a car, not all Class IV stations can handle the size).

I was due to walk with a friend on Monday, but he cried off, so I cancelled the MOT and booked for two hours ahead on Monday morning. Booking was confirmed by email, but within a few minutes I got a phone call saying I'd booked something I shouldn't, and they couldn't do it.

"I don't know what you've done, but you won't have got a confirmation!"
"I have, it's in front of me now"
"Ah, then it will say "do not use" on it"
"Well, yes it does, buried somewhere largely irrelevant in the text"
"There you are, then"
"How am I supposed to interpret "do not use" in a confirmation of booking?"
"You shouldn't use it"

After some deliberation, I got it moved to 17:00.

When I booked it in, it was still my fault I'd got it wrong! It was nothing unpleasant, just an insistence I'd done it wrong!

Now, the online booking site home page has a few details, 8 tiles with various vehicle types (Motorhome, Car, Van, Bus, etc) each containing a "book now" link. As I have always done, I chose Motorhome/Book Now which allowed me to select date/time, pull up my stored details, and confirm the booking.

Apparently, I should have hit a different link at the side ("Click here to Book Online"), which took an entirely different rout through the process (though the only material difference was the offer of different slots).

The fact that I didn't was still "my fault". :-( Bizarre.

I can still repeat the same process and get different slots.

Anyway, 'van passed once again with no advisories, so all's well, etc.
 MOT Fun - Runfer D'Hills
Think I’d be wary of anyone I didn’t know checking the rear wash/wipe in such a vehicle…
 MOT Fun - tyrednemotional
...mine's got a heated rear screen button....
 MOT Fun - Runfer D'Hills
One could imagine that having a certain appeal in the Alps on a frosty morning.
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