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 MG - MG3 - Safety Issue - zippy

I think there are MG3 owners here.

A heads up just incase.
 MG - MG3 - Safety Issue - Robin O'Reliant
However accurate or not the Mail article might be I would never want a car with lane assist. I'd place far more faith in my own ability to stay in lane than trusting it to some piece of software, written no doubt by the company who submitted the cheapest tender.
 MG - MG3 - Safety Issue - Bobby
So you will never be buying a new car then??
 MG - MG3 - Safety Issue - Robin O'Reliant
>> So you will never be buying a new car then??


I buy between five and ten years old, and by the time lane assist becomes the norm at that level I'll either be a pile of ash or sitting in the corner of a care home thinking I'm a packet of Opal Fruits.
 MG - MG3 - Safety Issue - zippy
Are not most parts in a supply chain made by the cheapest tender - so long as specified quality is met?

I have never had a problem with the LKA in either of the Hyundais that I have owned. The slightest, lightest of touch of the wheel cancels any action taken by the car.
 MG - MG3 - Safety Issue - Dog
Wife's car has LKA but it musta bin turned orf until I had it serviced at the pain dealer.

When I drove it home I thought they had done something to the tyres like over inflated 'em or something.

Later I noticed these 'ere lane icons showing up on the dashboard readout thing, so I interrogated the trillion page handbook and cottoned on to what it was.

I leave it on all the time now and 'test it' by driving out of my lane as I find it quite amazing really.

 MG - MG3 - Safety Issue - CGNorwich
For the scenario envisaged you would need to be bowling done a narrow country lane at over 40 mph (the lane assist only cuts in above that speed) with a vehicle coming the other way and without your hands on the steering wheel to counteract the slight twitch on the wheel applied by LKA. In fact you would be driving without due care.

Daily Mail sensationalism and part of their anti EV propaganda
 MG - MG3 - Safety Issue - smokie
Sounds almost like their tester wasn't holding the steering wheel. That'd be a fundamental misunderstanding of how to use LKA.

I have an MG5 and it took a little time to get used to LKA but it doesn't do what it does with any real force. The steering feels light and you get some haptic feedback through the steering wheel if you cross a line, and it exerts a little force to encourage you to keep inside the line - but nowhere near overwhelming. If you don't hold the wheel it will usually steer you round a bend quite successfully, if you're driving at an appropriate speed for the road.

Having said that, as MG have noted and addressed a problem I suppose it must exist - much like the brake light problem where on the highest setting of regen braking the brake lights didn't used to light up. Even the highest level of regen braking on the MG5 isn't that fierce and any following driver following at the correct distance and using normal observational powers would have noted the car in front slowing. However a software fix was deployed.
 MG - MG3 - Safety Issue - Biggles
The warning seems to originate from the Which magazine, so maybe they are the sensationalists.

LDW/LDA is truly a work of the devil. I drive a Mercedes B-Class. As well as giving the steering a wobble, the car can decide to autonomously apply the brakes. Where there are motorway roadworks with temporary lanes, if the old lane markings have not been erased the car can decide to slam the brakes on. It is only a matter of luck that it has not done this while being tail-gated.
 MG - MG3 - Safety Issue - Bromptonaut
Does the Which test involve a hands off 'what if' scenario?

I know LKA is meant to give the driver a nudge but some people seem to think it's nearer to an autopilot. There was a woman a month or two ago claiming to have been wrongly convicted of Careless Driving or similar after her car buried itself in a hedge.
 MG - MG3 - Safety Issue - CGNorwich
The Which report ,which I have read , is conservatively worded and its comments are hedged around with words like “might, could and possibly”. The Mail’s report is a sensationalised account. My car , a VW ID3 has LKA and , yes it can make an error but I have never encountered anything remotely dangerous . LKA does not obviate the need to drive the car appropriately, keep your hands on the wheel and drive at appropriate speeds when driving down narrow country lanes.
 MG - MG3 - Safety Issue - Bromptonaut
>>The Mail’s report is a sensationalised account

 MG - MG3 - Safety Issue - Dave_
It does say in the MG3/4/5/HS/ZS owner's handbooks that LKA is only to be used on motorways and dual carriageways, and that it should be turned off on other roads. Nobody reads them though...
 MG - MG3 - Safety Issue - Rudedog
I'd love to know how that would go down with an insurer in the event of a claim - 'Sir did you your LKA engaged at the time of the crash?' - 'Yes of course - it's defaulted to 'on' for all new cars' - 'Arh there's the problem this manufacturer recommends you disable this 'safety system' on certain roads - claim denied!'
 MG - MG3 - Safety Issue - zippy
What if you crash because you were changing the settings? (Head exploded)

If you are required to stop at each change of road type then surely the car isn’t suitable for its purpose? After all a car is supposed to make a journey without interruption.
 MG - MG3 - Safety Issue - Zero
>> I'd love to know how that would go down with an insurer in the event
>> of a claim - 'Sir did you your LKA engaged at the time of the
>> crash?' -

"No I turned it off"

"Ah The Eu insists the manufacturer has it default to on on power up and you turned it off"

Claim denied.
 MG - MG3 - Safety Issue - CGNorwich
Could you substantiate that? MG here specifically state that you will find LKA a help on motorways, dual carriageways, A roads and B roads. If you could specifically quote what it says in your handbook that would be very useful.,are%20staying%20within%20the%20lines.
 MG - MG3 - Safety Issue - smokie
The next para says "The car will then take control of the wheel and steer you back to within the safety of your lane.". It doesn't take control at all. Well, not in the MG5.

My version of the MG5 manual has quite a long section on Lane Assist. I can't see any mention of only using it on motorways. There are warnings liberally scattered throughout the section which to any normal being would make them realise that it doesn't replace human input, and specifically states

"It is recommended to turn off the lane assist system in the following situations:

• Driving in a sports style or manner.
• Driving in bad weather conditions.
• Driving on rough or poor road surfaces.
• Driving through roadworks or construction sites."

Turning it off is as easy as a single press of a button on the end of the indicator stalk button.
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