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 Android Auto - tyrednemotional
With both cars having satnav with real time traffic, and the 'van one with TMC, I've never had the need to use Android Auto before.

The Canadian hire car has no satnav (natch) but does have wireless Android Auto, so it has been used with Google Maps for both online and offline navigation. (SWMBO's phone has the majority of data, as it has an e-sim I configured for her - but she won't let me use it! Hence offline use against a saved route on my phone) Data (local) in Canada is expensive but an e-sim isn't bad.

It's coped well with little learning curve. 500+km on an offline route today. It did try to take me on a toll route rather than the good alternative, not sure if it lost "avoid tolls" or it was a mapping issue, but it guided us nicely across country and through town to our hotel.

The car is a Chevy Malibu, which is a bit of a barge, especially with a 1.5 (turbo) engine, and AFAIK CVT transmission (given the nature of the roads and light traffic, I haven't had much chance to judge). At least the Aircon is efficient, which is just as well since it's 32°+ here today.
 Android Auto - Bromptonaut
The Skoda has Android Auto albeit on a unit needing a USB connection.

Tend to have it on by default for anything beyond going to the shops as real time traffic/arrival time prediction is useful. Less so yesterday when I was working and there was conflicting info on the destination postcode.
 Android Auto - Zero
It's amazing how many renters you pick up, still has the previous users address book contacts synched to it

Don't like using android auto in renters, all the makers have different implementations and hence quirks I would rather not grapple with given the different driving environment
 Android Auto - smokie
Mine needs USB connection but I bought a device which connects in place of your phone, and your phone connects wirelessly to it. It's nice having it all just connect itself up when you get in the car.

So I get maps all the time but quite often I put in a destination even if it's fairly local and/or a regular, just to get traffic and also alerts about road works/police etc.

I use Waze with voice directions turned off so only receive alerts, unless I'm somewhere I don't know when spoken directions are handy
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 Android Auto - Kevin
I'm not sure if I can use android auto in my car. I must admit I haven't tried it - I'll have to see if it needs a feature code or a firmware update.

I updated the nav maps today (all 37GB of them). While I was doing that I coded the NBT head unit with the unlimited satnav update feature, extended bluetooth, WiFi with screen mirroring and removed the video in motion lock.
 Android Auto - tyrednemotional
It's a configurable option (at a cost) on the XC40, but apparently not the best implementation. (And I don't need it)

I had to set a route today whilst moving, and it wouldn't let me search via the screen (inhibited when mobile), but the voice interface worked impressively well, getting the destination correct first time!
 Android Auto - Kevin
>..(inhibited when mobile),..

That's why I disabled the video in motion lock on the BMW, so that I can just mirror anything on the phone screen to a window on the car's display. Otherwise something like google maps or waze with a moving image will trigger the lock.
 Android Auto - Manatee
The 2017 MX-5 can have Android auto added and it's a very popular 'upgrade'. I don't see the point. I have the phone itself on a Brodit mount just below and use it directly with Google maps.

Id we are on a long journey in unfamiliar territory, on the Mazda's navigation screen at the same time I display the map north up, without any route programmed.

That way I get a moving map display that I can zoom in and out of using the 'commander knob', and I can see where I am on the journey, other available roads, which direction we are going in etc. without messing about with the phone.

It's the perfect combo for me.

If I'm renting a car I just take my air vent bracket with me.
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