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 Ambulance. Dangerous driving? - VxFan
This has got mixed views from people both commenting on the article in the paper, and also a couple of local Facebook groups.

Ambulance overtakes several cars on a dual carriageway on the A34 at Botley, Oxford, then cuts across in front of one of them to exit the A34 at the very last minute.

I always thought that blue's and two's doesn't give an emergency vehicle priority, and the driver still has to drive in a lawful manner that doesn't put other road users in any danger.

Hopefully you'll be able to read the article among all the pop ups and adverts that swamp all Newsquest websites.
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 Ambulance. Dangerous driving? - Dieselboy
That’s shameful driving and very poor planning by the driver.
 Ambulance. Dangerous driving? - smokie
Maybe, but

"“It was me driving with my deaf wife in the back with our five-month-old and it shook us,” he said.

“We felt really vulnerable at the point and kept thinking and talking about the consequences had it collided with us or any other vehicle.”

Really? People need to toughen up a little...
 Ambulance. Dangerous driving? - Zero
Like all of these clips, it has no leadup or all round view, hence no context.
 Ambulance. Dangerous driving? - Bromptonaut
So far as I can tell it's not even a video but a still picture.

Crossing the solid lines around the hatching is an offence but without (a lot more) context it's impossible to judge how bad it was.
 Ambulance. Dangerous driving? - VxFan
>> So far as I can tell it's not even a video but a still picture.

The video footage is in the article somewhere. No direct link to it though.
 Ambulance. Dangerous driving? - CGNorwich
“Crossing the solid lines around the hatching is an offence“

Not automatically. You are permitted to cross a solid white lane in an emergency.

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 Ambulance. Dangerous driving? - Fullchat
Bit of an apparent late manouvre by the ambulance driver on 'blues and twos' but no harm done.

The internet is awash with these cam car clips and in a large percentage the cam car actually demonstrates dangerous and aggressive driving.

You never see the lead up and there is a fair chance that the driver with his deaf wife and child was actually partly responsible for the consequences.

Under emergency response drivers are exempt from the majority of regulations that would inhibit the response time. They are not exempt from dangerous or careless driving.
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 Ambulance. Dangerous driving? - Ted

I've done similar under blue lights without any drama. Blue light drivers are trained to a very high standard and can assess the movements of other vehicles.

Perhaps there were other vehicles slowly blocking the access to the slip road and what was the speed of the offended car ? Perhaps the driver hadn't been looking in his mirror to a situation arising behind him and was suddenly surprised by the ambulance.

People will always 'big' things up to become a drama for effect. ' I was almost killed ', car doors are always ' flung ' open, pedestrians are always ' mown down ' by cars. Human nature !

Nothing to see here...move along, sir !

 Ambulance. Dangerous driving? - Bromptonaut

>> People will always 'big' things up to become a drama for effect. ' I was
>> almost killed ', car doors are always ' flung ' open, pedestrians are always '
>> mown down ' by cars. Human nature !

Minor incidents involving aircraft are a case in point....
 Ambulance. Dangerous driving? - Zero
Dont think doors falling off is Minor!
 Ambulance. Dangerous driving? - Bromptonaut
>> Dont think doors falling off is Minor!

That was not the one I had in mind. More along the lines of go arounds and aborted take offs.
 Ambulance. Dangerous driving? - zippy
Saw the aftermath of a fatal RTA today on the way to pick up pooch from the minder.

Deceased still on the road, covered by a blanket. Emergency services all over the place.

Horrible scene. Even the passing glimpse that I got was awful.

Was told this happened....

Car hit a cyclist. Cyclist hurt. Ambulance called.

Ambulance at scene.

Uninvolved pedestrian steps in to road in front of ambulance (obscured by ambulance).

Gets killed by passing motorbike.

Be careful out there folks.
 Ambulance. Dangerous driving? - R.P.
Last year when bimbling early one morning to the Foodbank came across an ambulnce having ploughed into a garden, demolshing a lovely old wall in the process. I was passing after the worls and his dog had arrived at the scene. The accident was within the 30s (now appropriatly 20s) near the entrance to a large new housing estate and a secondary school. Nothing recorded in the local paper (which is a bit like a poundshop Daily Mail) or even the traffic alerts for the road. The wall was painstakingly re-built. Because our city (small but perefectly forned) has the main road for the the Clwyd Valley and two sizable towns, the road links them to the local hospital and is consequently a busy ambulance route..

The anbulance must have been driving at quite a speed to have ended up where it was/
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