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 Motorcycle licence - bathtub tom
A group of us septuagenarians were discussing 'grandad rights' on our licenses, which got us looking closely (squinting) at our entitlements. It turned out we all had class A (unlimited motorcycles), but I was the only one that had passed a motorcycle test. The othe three had never even sat on a 'bike.
I know SWMBO got this on her last renewal and we decided it wasn't worth trying to get it corrected.
How many other folk have acquired this, without realising? When did you last look at your licence? Am I misreading it some way?
 Motorcycle licence - Zero
Have you checked the restriction in column 12?
 Motorcycle licence - bathtub tom
>> Have you checked the restriction in column 12?

Checked the one I can, and it's restricted to limited output trikes (mine has no restrictions). Can't check t'others, as they're a couple of hundred miles away.

Not simple is it? How on earth do plod manage?
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