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 Mandatory warranty? - legacylad
Buying a second hand car from a dealer, whether main agent or not, is a warranty mandatory ? Can it be ‘sold as seen ‘ by a dealer ?

I imagine if it’s a newish car, say up to 5 yo, and it’s had a check in the workshop, then I would have thought the minimum warranty for the oily bits would be 3 months. Not sure about warranty on electrics ? If a main dealer, then a longer warranty would be expected, dependent upon age and mileage.

Are there any laws regarding such…asking for a friend buying a 4 yo car from an outlet who are a part of a large dealer network.
 Mandatory warranty? - tyrednemotional
I think this page:

summarises the situation as I understand it when buying from a dealer pretty well.

AIUI, any attempt to add by a dealer to insert a "sold as seen" clause is pretty worthless, and doesn't trump any of the above.

(For avoidance of doubt, private and auction sales have very different arrangements).
 Mandatory warranty? - RichardW
A 'warranty' is not mandatory, but there is an inferred warranty under the Consumer Rights Act for any dealer sale for (at least) 6 months. How easy it is to exercise the warranty rights will vary of course, and it gets harder to prove as time goes on that the fault was present at the point of sale .... The only way a dealer sale can be sold as seen is if it is 'Spares or Repair' and you don't test drive it, and trailer it away.
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