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 Cazoo no more - Bobby
I see Cazoo are winding up their car sales operation and now going to try and compete with Auto Trader.

As always, the guy at the top will finish up with lots of money but lots of redundancies and no idea what happens with after sales and warranty issues.
 Cazoo no more - Falkirk Bairn
Cazoo has had one foot in the grave and the other on a bar of soap for a few years.

No surprise that they are stopping car sales really as they had been retrenching for over 2 years - closing outlets, closing their refurbishment /preparation centres and shedding people. Last set of accounts they lost £240M.
 Cazoo no more - Boxsterboy
To paraphrase their advert:
Cazoo no you can't
 Cazoo no more - Lygonos

No doubt they overbought during the Great Price Hikes following the pandemic, followed by being caught by the Great Price Crash with excessive stock.

Bought my first ZS EV in 2019 for £20,200.

Sold it to Cazoo in 2022 with 37k miles for £17,800.

 Cazoo no more - Falkirk Bairn
Cazoo Advert - full page in the Daily Mail today.

As an example car it featured a Fiat 500 - no price

 Cazoo no more - Zero
Cazoo has been in financial woe for quite some time, this is of no surprise to anyone in the trade.
 Cazoo no more - Crankcase
Maybe they’ll be like GameStop were, and a contrarian share purchase now will yield an absolute fortune in a year.
 Cazoo no more - Zero
Buyers of second hand Corsas are not anti establishment social media nerds. So dont bank on it.
 Cazoo no more - Crankcase
Well, you reddit here first.
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