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 Volkswagen Golf VI - Out of favour - legacylad
Pal of mine normally buys one of his offspring’s cars once they reach 3yo…bought his 2011 Golf 2.0 Tdi and has run it for 10 years. Never let him down, apart from a non start after 6 weeks stood outside in winter.
CarWow hound him a buyer but they’ve failed to collect. CarWow very helpful but ultimately nothing they can do, so I’ve advised him to list it on FB marketplace. Only 3 doors, and 139k miles, but a pile of receipts and two keys.
Any ideas of value…he’s thinking £1,600.
Worth a lot more in Spain where diesel last Saturday was €1.39 litre

He’s taking delivery of a Mazda 3. Offspring’s 3yo Audi A3 and BMW 2 series coupe didn’t appeal to him.
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 Volkswagen Golf VI - Out of favour - Zero
Saw just the car for him today while filling up at tesco. A T reg Volkswagen Derby. Not seen one of those on the road for 30+ years
 Volkswagen Golf VI - Out of favour - Bromptonaut
My sister's first car was a VW Derby.

Neighbour was manager of local dealership and he found it for her.
 Volkswagen Golf VI - Out of favour - carmalade
Dealers not too keen on anything diesel unless it’s euro 6 . FB may be your best bet , you’ll probably get a better response if you lower the asking price slightly. £1400??
 Volkswagen Golf VI - Out of favour - legacylad
He’d probably get a better response if he put 12 months MOT on it…expires soon.
And as I’ve suggested put it on FB instead of touting it round small second hand dealers….waste of time I think.
 Volkswagen Golf VI - Out of favour - carmalade
Yep , years ticket is always a good selling point.
 Volkswagen Golf VI - Out of favour - legacylad
Sold via CarWow. The winning bidder collected it today ( Sunday) and not driven away until funds in the sellers bank.
Recap…2011 3 door Golf 2.0 Tdi. 139k miles. Two accidents, nothing major, repaired ok. MOT expires end of March. Two owners , full independent service history but ( probably) needs its second cam belt change.
£1700. He’s pleased with that.
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