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 Morning Carnage - Zero
So I had an early start this morning. 7:30am. Within two miles I come across a large roundabout, that I made it round, but an Audi A6 hadnt, and was wedged messily between two trees. In the next 4 miles there were 6 very recent car crashes, police rushing around every where. Car in tree, car upside down in ditches, two cars facing in opposite direction buried in someones very previously solid stone wall. All very recent.

Never seen the like, have to say never had a twitch of worry from the beemer
 Morning Carnage - Kevin
Well, maybe if you'd set off later there wouldn't have been so much carnage.
 Morning Carnage - Zero
It usually happens behind me
 Morning Carnage - tyrednemotional sometimes even defies conjecture to guess what's been happening.

I had some nights away in Canterbury in the 'van from last Saturday (Who needs the delights of islas Canarias when you can visit Margate, Whitstable and Herne Bay in the freezing cold?).

We had a 40 minute delay on the A1 going South, with a large tailback growing from a relatively recent incident.

When we reached the front of the queue, there was no sign of what had happened (though the police had coned lane 1 off, and were sweeping debris onto the verge). The leading edge of the nearside crash barrier ,however, (I think it might have been this one):

...was bent inwards at 90 degrees, and obscuring about 2/3 of the nearside lane!

No sign of what had hit it, but it must have been substantial. I think they closed the road for barrier repairs shortly after we passed.

The incident was somewhat balanced by the return journey, which had no delays at all, and we made the Dartford Crossing barely slowing down; probably the best northbound journey I've ever had from Kent.
 Morning Carnage - Dave_
I drove along the A603 from Sandy to Bedford on Thursday; the journey was notable because there were flattened bushes/hedges with tattered scraps of "POLICE AWARE" tape and chunks of bumper etc on either side of the road every couple of hundred yards for about 2 miles. It's a twisty road with 50 limits between camera'd up villages, but that was still a lot of accident sites along a short stretch of road. I wondered if they'd had a spell of freezing rain in the previous week or two.
 Morning Carnage - bathtub tom
>>I drove along the A603 from Sandy to Bedford on Thursday

That's in my neck of the woods and I use it on occasion. Not heard anything locally, but it is used by the 'travelling' community!
 Morning Carnage - Kevin
.. but it is used by the 'travelling' community!

Zero again?
 Morning Carnage - Zero
>> .. but it is used by the 'travelling' community!
>> Zero again?

Been nowhere near sandy beds since last year. Swanage I think was the last
 Morning Carnage - Kevin
When the weather gets a bit better this will be the perfect place to get the deckchairs out and have a laugh.
It's not only drivers having problems with the layout and signage. Pedestrians and cyclists have been caught out and ended up wandering into traffic.

Two years and £20M to screw up a roundabout that worked OK.
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