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 Oh Dear - Robin O'Reliant
The Panda needs a replacement gearbox :-(
 Oh Dear - Bromptonaut
What happened?
 Oh Dear - Zero
didnt feed it the right bamboo shoots
 Oh Dear - Robin O'Reliant
It started making a noise early this week which then got a bit louder. It was booked in for an inspection on Monday but when I got home this morning there was a puddle of oil on the drive. A dip of the finger and a sniff confirmed the unmistakable smell of gear oil. I ran the car down to the garage and a phone call this afternoon confirmed the worst.

 Oh Dear - bathtub tom
Perhaps not the end of the world. I managed to break my old KIA Pride's on a trial. Found one a hundred miles away for fifty quid. Fitted it and had a (minor) stroke. Don't know if the two events were linked. Gave up competitions and got £300 for the car.
 Oh Dear - zippy
Sorry to hear of your woes.

How old was the Panda and will you be getting it fixed?
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 Oh Dear - Robin O'Reliant

I'll have it repaired as a replacement would cost a fair bit more and the car is otherwise ok.
 Oh Dear - zippy
10 years old. Problems are bound to happen so if that the only thing then fingers crossed.

Whilst I have never owned one, I have a real soft sport for both the current and original versions the Panda. It really is a neat package.
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