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 It's Fiesta time! - Rudedog
According to R4 last night the Ford Fiesta was/is the most stolen car in the UK last year - apparently since Ford have stopped production they have become very sort after either by collectors (?) or for parts.

They features a guy who had a base model stolen off of his drive leaving him without transport for a sick relative.

Quite a lot of ST's around here which seem popular.

I thought there was a rule that car manufactures had to keep in stock the majority of parts for cars for up to 15 years after production? I've still been able to buy parts from a VW main dealer for older versions and well past the end of production.
 It's Fiesta time! - Bobby
All cars are sought after for parts, especially cars where’s the supply chain struggle to get new stock in.

Steal car. Strip it down. List parts on various websites and your business will do well.
Insurance companies also write off cards due to cost of parts needed and time delays in doing so.

Buy written off car from auction, fix it with stolen parts, and you no longer need to do any “ringing” like the old days.
 It's Fiesta time! - Zero
Errr indoors 2019 fiesta is now worth more than I paid for it in 2020
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