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 Volvo - B***dy spark plug - tyrednemotional
At the end of August, and a week before a booked service, the XC40 had a wobbly heading out of the village. Display of a tortoise and a "reduced power" message, accompanied by what seemed like heavy misfiring and some "kangarooing". I pulled over, cycled the ignition, and the problem went away.

I warned my servicing garage, and said I'd leave it to the imminent service unless it recurred, which it didn't. No codes found at service, and, though we were away for a month in the motorhome between then and now, it was all OK through a number of journeys.

.....until last Thursday. Car loaded up for a visit to daughter in Torbay, set off at 9am and got about 25 miles before it occurred again, on a fast dual carriageway in the rain. Pulling over and cycling the ignition (several times) didn't correct it, so we abandoned and headed home. Intermittent appearance of the tortoise and message all the way, and unable to get above 30mph uphill. In the rain, with heavy lorries on the dual carriageway that wasn't fun!

As it was still exhibiting the symptoms I decided to divert to the servicing workshop (they're Volvo authorised, but no sales). As I did so, and around 5 miles away, the EML light came on, and stayed on (it hadn't before).

Workshop offered to check it the same day, but not immediately as they were full. So, I took it home, unloaded and returned it. (at which point, after parking up and briefly restarting, the EML light went off!)

Got a 'phone call at around 3pm saying they'd found code(s) implicating No.1 Cylinder and the spark plug. Swapped the plug to No. 2 and the codes then implicated No 2.

All plugs replaced. They're scheduled for 36K and I've done around 10K. Bill for approx £200 winging it's way to Volvo (Warranty Job).

They had test driven it OK, but asked whether I wanted them to do a bit more extended testing or whether I wanted to recover it and do that. I opted for the latter.

So, Torbay visit knocked on two weeks (the weather forecast was crap anyway :-) ) and a decent long test drive planned for tomorrow to build confidence (though it drove home OK).

Since they didn't sell me the car I was actually quite impressed by the servicing workshop response; It's better than many I've had from main dealers. (They have serviced it from new as it's much closer to me than any Volvo (Sales) Dealer).
 Volvo - B***dy spark plug - Runfer D'Hills
Y’see, you’ve probably confused it. Beige Volvos aren’t really expected or programmed to go above or indeed below 40mph at any time, or to travel more than 10 miles in any one journey between stops at garden centres etc.
 Volvo - B***dy spark plug - tyrednemotional
...they did tell me the code meant I was out of range of NBVS...
 Volvo - B***dy spark plug - R.P.
Is it a 3 or 4 cylinder ?
 Volvo - B***dy spark plug - tyrednemotional
B4, four cylinder (though at times, three cylinder. ;-) )
 Volvo - B***dy spark plug - R.P.
That was my engine as well ! Lots of troubles with the 3 cylinder !
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