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 Beam deflectors price - PR
Just a quick word of warning for those about to travel abroad...
Im off ski-driving on Friday, and went to Halfords to get some of those beam deflectors. I used to think they were slightly expensive at around £6-£7, imagine my surprise when I saw that they gone up to an eyewatering £11.99!
 Beam deflectors price - LINGsCARS
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BEAM DEFLECTORS: Simply re-use old contact lenses and superglue to your headlamp glass in a mosaic pattern for a cheap and effective way to adjust the throw of the headlamp beams for travelling abroad. For France, apply older yellowed lenses.
 Beam deflectors price - Fenlander
Ha. Being in the middle of fully kitting out my daughter for a school ski trip in april I'd be pleased to see anything that *only* cost £11.99!!
 Beam deflectors price - Zero
I havent bothered with beam benders for about 6 years now. I merely turn the adjuster down to its minimum. No one seems to flash me so it seems to work.
 Beam deflectors price - Runfer D'Hills
I've never bothered either. Never been flashed or pulled in 30 years of regular continental trips. Just aim them down a bit. Haven't got one of those yellow waistcoats either. People might mistake one for an artisan y'know. Anyway, they are so not my colour......I do have a red triangle thingy but the car's always so full it somehow never makes it out of the garage.

All the above quite probably arrogant and stupid of course. Find it very hard to care though.
 Beam deflectors price - Zero
Oh I have the yellow waiscoat things in the passenger cabin, I think that is a very sensible piece of advice. At night, on the hard shoulder of the M6, broken down, I think its a good idea.

I got mine with captains stripes on the shoulder tho, as i am the chief pilote
 Beam deflectors price - Mapmaker
If you get those Fresnel Lens headlamp deflectors (compared to using black insulating tape) they're worth £100 if you do any quantity of driving in the dark. So at skiing time of the year, well worth the £5 cash.
 Beam deflectors price - LINGsCARS
Must say, you never see truck drivers bothering with these things.
 Beam deflectors price - PR
Yes I ordered some online, was a heads up really on the price in the "shops".

Useful tip I found is that you only need one on the passenger side headlight. The drivers side beam doesnt go far enough over to require a deflector. I have travelled in Europe several times like this and never had anyone flash me due to being dazzled.
 Beam deflectors price - jc2
Angling the lights down is alright till you do some serious night driving on country roads.
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