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 Petrol powered bike fatality - Bobby
When I read the headline, I certainly wasn’t expecting the rider to be 80!
 Petrol powered bike fatality - smokie
Is that what we used to call a moped?
 Petrol powered bike fatality - Bobby
I assumed it was one of the after market bolt on ones?
 Petrol powered bike fatality - tyrednemotional can buy petrol conversion kits for standard bicycles..

Given the wording of the article and the age of the guy, I do wonder whether it was one of the old rear tyre friction drive motors that used to hang off the seat post behind the saddle.

A friend had one of those "when I were a lad". Absolutely lethal to ride. (I have a recollection it was French, but I'm far from sure)
 Petrol powered bike fatality - tyrednemotional
..the word Silex went through my mind, and it is indeed French.

Mounted on the front wheel however, which if I'd thought longer I would have realised as you had to lever it away from the tyre to stop the drive (difficult manoeuvre if it had been the back wheel).
 Petrol powered bike fatality - Bromptonaut

Remember them in France when I was holidaying with parents 1973-78.

IIRC you could ride one from 14.
 Petrol powered bike fatality - Falkirk Bairn
A bike does not need a petrol engine to be fatal.

A boy in my class at school lost his dad to a push bike accident.
Shopping bag, hanging from the handlebars, got caught between the wheel & front forks and the dad went tumbling - his head met the kerb and died instantly.

Today's cycle hats, car seat belts and mandatory motorcycle crash helmets not required 60 years ago.
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