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 Hybrids - real world experiences? - smokie
SWMBO has had a Yaris hybrid for a number of years. I don't drive it a lot (nor does she, but that's another story!!) but I wonder if it's working right.

It hardly goes anywhere as an EV alone before the engine kicks in. You can just about edge along in traffic. I've always assumed that's just how they are and that the hybridness really only serves to provide electric assistant to the engine when in motion, but I was hosting my mate from Arizona over the weekend who has just bought a Honda hybrid (also non plug-in) and he reckons he can drive it on electric only, and can get 25 - 30 miles on it.

My recollection on SWMBOs car is between 50 and 60mpg on a long motorway run which isn't so bad but by my mate's account she really oughtn't be using any fuel for the miles she does. I just can't see that there is enough braking going on the generate that much.

Am I wrong?
 Hybrids - real world experiences? - Lygonos
His car must be a plug-in.

Maybe he doesn't know how to plug it in.

I'm not aware of any "self-charging" hybrid with a battery over ~2kWh
 Hybrids - real world experiences? - Bromptonaut
What you describe for your wife's Yaris sounds like the early generation Prius our neighbours had.

Suppose it's what we might now call 'self charging' but in practical terms the electric motor is a boost to get the car moving to the point the ICE is reasonably efficient and cuts in.
 Hybrids - real world experiences? - Dog
The ole woman's mild hybrid Vitara's electric motor just assists the petrol engine, I've observed it coming in whilst hitting the loud pedal, when overtaking, and going up hills.

When I'm driving it, I'll coast downhill (of which there are many down 'ere) so putting some oomph into the battery, to assist going up the hill :)

I get about 45 mpg out of it, which isn't bad for a 1.4 Turbo petrol AWD 6 speed slush box chariot.
 Hybrids - real world experiences? - Duncan

If it doesn't get used much, I suggest the ICE is busy putting charge into both batteries to get them up to fully charged state. By the time it has done that, your journey is over.

Until the next time. Some people use 'rinse and repeat', but I am not awfully keen on that expression.
 Hybrids - real world experiences? - smokie
Thanks all. Having also now read around a bit it seems the Yaris is very much "1st generation" and maybe less efficient, as per Bromp's reference to the early Prius. Duncan is probably not far wrong too.

I think I'm also allowing myself to be a bit deluded by my petrol head mates who claim mpg's north of 50 in mid range cars, when comparing fuel economy to my EV. Though I think those with diesels might not be bluffing.

The Honda (it's the Civic, ), claims to be ground breaking in using the ICE as a generator for the electric motor in many circumstances but in fact my 2015 Ampera (albeit a plug-in, but initially released in, I think, 2011) did very similar.

A totallyev review says that "in town the Civic will be able to achieve north of 60-65 MPG, while solely driving on the motorway 45-50 MPG. The latter figure is quite impressive and far outclasses its rivals that fall short on longer drives." Maybe outclass vehicles in it's class but is that really much better than a mid range ICE? I'm not so sure.

A quick look at Autotrader shows a 22 reg petrol Civic with a combined range of 47.9 mpg so maybe it's better, but not by a huge amount.
 Hybrids - real world experiences? - Terry
I think the battery is probably the 177volt with a capacity of 0.8kwh.

This would be sufficient power to drive the car 2-3 miles if used on its own - more likely it is set up to assist the ICE engine and fill in the gaps in inefficient power delivery - eg: at very low speeds.
 Hybrids - real world experiences? - zippy
My 48v Hyundai Tucson hybrid uses the battery to boost acceleration only. The battery is, I believe, significantly less than 1kw even though it takes up a chunk of the boot space.

It doesn’t provide any ability to drive on battery only.

Edit it’s apparently 0.44kwh! Misers!
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 Hybrids - real world experiences? - Bobby
Makes you wonder if it’s worth having the hybrid element?
 Hybrids - real world experiences? - zippy
>> Makes you wonder if it’s worth having the hybrid element?

There’s a noticeable boost to acceleration when the electrons kick in!
 Hybrids - real world experiences? - VxFan
>> There’s a noticeable boost to acceleration when the electrons kick in!

Shirley the same could be achieved by having the ECU remapped?

And also gain back that chunk of boot space.

But then it would be classed as being un-environmentally friendly and would have a higher RFL fee.
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 Hybrids - real world experiences? - smokie
Is that what they call greenwashing?
 Hybrids - real world experiences? - CGNorwich
Not really in that you cannot change the fundamental aspect of an ICE in that it has comparatively low torque at low engine speed when starting. An electric motor provides instantaneous torque.

 Hybrids - real world experiences? - CGNorwich
Not as far as you don’t get any of the benefits of a true electric car with a self charging hybrid. What you get is an ICE car with slightly improved performance
 Hybrids - real world experiences? - Terry
Adding a lot of complexity and initial cost for some performance improvement and better mpg.

Personally unconvinced. Plug in hybrid with a 30-40 mile range is a very different proposition!
 Hybrids - real world experiences? - CGNorwich
A proper BEV is an even better one:-)
 Hybrids - real world experiences? - Bobby
If I ever move from diesel, it will be to this. A PHEV with an ICE engine and a 40ish mile petrol range.
 Hybrids - real world experiences? - Lygonos
Got a KIA Sorento PHEV about 3 months ago as the gaffer wanted 7 seats and to be able to commute as EV.

30-35 miles EV range, 40mpg on motorways when battery is used up.

Have done over 6k miles since new with multiple journeys down to England.

Much better car than the MG HS PHEV she had for a couple of months before it, but it should be for about 15 grand more.
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 Hybrids - real world experiences? - Rudedog
Maybe one of these?

Fast and practicable - 30'ish miles battery only.
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