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 Suzuki - Initial impressions - legacylad
Exactly as expected to drive. The 2019 1.4 manual copes fine with motorway traffic and overtaking, despite only 140 horse, but it’s light weight circa 1250 kg helps.

Very light steering, certainly not what I’m used to, and the infotainment screen is small, laggy and previous generation. A moderate amount of wind and road noise, but not uncomfortably so...once out of the 50 average speed cameras it cruised fine at an indicated 80/85, and the trip computer showed 56 mpg on the 145 mile drive home.

My past 3 cars have had a HUD, displaying current speed, speed limits, directions, so it’s like stepping back in time. No option in the menu of a digital speed display on the dashboard...I think new models do. I may well buy a digital speedo and mount it on the RHS of the dashboard, wiring it to the USB...the old school dials are not the best, and it would be a useful tool driving across Spain.

A small SUV, good visibility out, economical, practical, does what it says on the tin.
What’s not to like,...given the price.

 Suzuki - Initial impressions - Runfer D'Hills
Sounds ideal for the purpose you bought it for.
 Suzuki - Initial impressions - Bromptonaut
The Fabia has an option for a digital speed reading on the main display. Don't use it much in the UK but it was useful in France and set to Kp/h.
 Suzuki - Initial impressions - Runfer D'Hills
I like a digital speedo too. I even like digital watches, but you’re not supposed to admit to such things I believe. OCD can actually be quite enjoyable if you embrace it.
 Suzuki - Initial impressions - legacylad
Then you’d love a digital Head Up Display showing your where you can change the font size, and when you go over the posted limit, heaven forbid, the font changes from white to red.

One day I’ll have a car with that option, such as a Focus Active:-)

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 Suzuki - Initial impressions - Runfer D'Hills
I’d love to know what the f is that I could change?
 Suzuki - Initial impressions - VxFan
>> I’d love to know what the f is that I could change?

Font size. Put into the filter ages ago because people misused the html code.
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 Suzuki - Initial impressions - Runfer D'Hills
Apologies if I’ve missed a post or something!
But, has the Suzuki made it to Spain?
 Suzuki - Initial impressions - legacylad
Made it to Plymouth yesterday evening. 352 miles…56.9 mpg at a decent motorway speed, 75/80 when conditions allowed.
Sunbathing on top deck of Pont Aven. Departure imminent.
A dry voyage..€5.95 for 50cl Moretti, so tea & water until tomorrow night. All the bikers have pints in their hands…
 Suzuki - Initial impressions - Runfer D'Hills
Safe and enjoyable travels to you and your new pal Suzy!
 Suzuki - Initial impressions - tyrednemotional
... shouldn't that be Suzaye...?
 Suzuki - Initial impressions - Runfer D'Hills
…because it’s from Birmingham?
Yeah, fair point.
 Suzuki - Initial impressions - Lygonos
>>56.9 mpg at a decent motorway speed

Don't believe the computer - told big fat whoppers on my Swift - 46mpg = 38 real mpg

 Suzuki - Initial impressions - Runfer D'Hills
He’s going to be on a ferry for 20+ hours poor soul. Don’t depress him any more Doc!
 Suzuki - Initial impressions - CGNorwich
He'll never last out without a beer.
 Suzuki - Initial impressions - legacylad
>> He'll never last out without a beer.
I did. Ye of little faith.
You know you’re in Spain when a decent 3 course evening meal, with 1.5 litres of water, is €16.
 Suzuki - Initial impressions - Bobby
1.5 litres of water???
 Suzuki - Initial impressions - legacylad
> 1.5 litres of water???
Or a half litre of vino.

My alcohol intake on holiday is negligible....high of 28C today, plenty of sightseeing, water is my choice of rehydration.
 Suzuki - Initial impressions - Bobby
I try and drink my 2 litres of water a day and more if abroad, but I don’t think I would ever order water with a meal unless it was in addition to wine/beer.

In Gran Canaria last month there were lots of signs saying that the tap water was drinking water but I still stuck to the bottled type.
 Suzuki - Initial impressions - Runfer D'Hills
Well, y’see, I only ever drink water with a meal.
 Suzuki - Initial impressions - legacylad
>> Well, y’see, I only ever drink water with a meal.
I’ve eaten curries for probably 50 years. Rarely had anything but water with them.

Just had a large beer with my menu del dia, but after a 15km circular around the Mallos de Aguero thought I’d earned it. Also a large glass of local tinto, but that was included in the meal deal.

Edit: Runfer...great mountain biking country. Several hard core types on the trail.
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 Suzuki - Initial impressions - CGNorwich
You don’t need to drink 2 litres of water as such a day. That water can be in the form of tea, coffee, beer wine or whatever. Most food contains a lot of water, an apple is 80% water, cucumber 95%

Can’t really remember when I drank a whole glass of water.
 Suzuki - Initial impressions - tyrednemotional

>> Can’t really remember when I drank a whole glass of water.

...or ate a whole cucumber. .
 Suzuki - Initial impressions - CGNorwich

"or ate a whole cucumber"

Even a grilled steak is mostly water
 Suzuki - Initial impressions - Zero
>Can't really remember when I drank a whole glass of water.

probably because your are pi'd or hi on caffeine
 Suzuki - Initial impressions - CGNorwich
But seriously do people really drink 2 litres of water a day in addition to their other liquid consumption? I was just trying to work out my usual liquid intake.


Cup of tea when I get up 200 ml

Fruit juice with breakfast 300 ml

Cup of coffee after breakfast 200ml

mid morning coffee 200 ml

Lunch tea 200 ml

Afternoon drink 200 ml

Dinner - glass of wine normally 200 ml

after dinner coffee 200 ml

Cup of tea in evening 200 ml

So that's 1.9 litres which is evidently enough to keep me going and not a drop of unadulterated H20 passed my lips
 Suzuki - Initial impressions - Runfer D'Hills
I suppose I do drink a lot of water every day. I’m fairly active I suppose, so that might create or add to some of the demand, but mostly, I just like it.
 Suzuki - Initial impressions - CGNorwich
Yes but if that 2 litres of water in addition to other refreshments? That is a hell of a lot of water. You must have a bladder the size of a football. Perhaps you don't drink tea coffee etc.
 Suzuki - Initial impressions - Runfer D'Hills
No, that too I’m afraid. Not big on alcohol though. Not totally abstemious, but I often go months without it. Slows me down I feel.
 Suzuki - Initial impressions - Zero

>> Slows me down I feel.

Might have been useful when you had your big bike prang.
 Suzuki - Initial impressions - Runfer D'Hills
Oh I confess to having pretty much lived on a diet of paracetamol and whisky for the three days after that until my wife made me go to A&E to get it checked. I was convinced I’d just badly sprained my arm and bumped my head a bit!

Erm, I’d actually fractured an orbital bone in my skull and broken my arm, hand and wrist in four different places.

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 Suzuki - Initial impressions - tyrednemotional should improve his mpg, though... ;-)
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