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 European breakdown cover - legacylad
Probably 25 years since I took my car abroad , so any recommendations for cover ?
As previously on here, I’ve just taken out fully comp insurance ( without any NCD) on my soon to be acquired Vitara..the policy doesn’t include breakdown cover but I’ll phone them when back in the uk to see how much an ‘add on’ is.
 European breakdown cover - Runfer D'Hills
Check your bank account, some include stuff like that.
 European breakdown cover - Rudedog
I have VW assist which I've renewed each year although last year I actually thought prices are are only going to go up bought two years together for £180 - just checked now and it's gone up to £110 p/y so I think I did ok.

Their cover seems very comprehensive UK cover and also has Euro cover included - maybe you manufacture does something better than the high-street companies.

 European breakdown cover - legacylad
>> Check your bank account, some include stuff like that.
Good idea Runfer.
I’ll look under the mattress :-)
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