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 Tyres - R.P.
Checking the tyres on the A4 (like you do) two questions spring to mind.

1. The date stamps on the tyres are marked 05/23 - is this week 5 or month 5 ?

2. The tyres have a narrow (or thin) raised rim around the circumfrence of the outside of the tyre close to what I'd describe as the bead of the tyre where it joins the actual wheel.
 Tyres - henry k
The first two figures represent the calendar week in which it was made (from 1 to 52) and the second two figures are the year of manufacture.

IIRC The raised rim is an attempt to reduce damage to the wheel rims from "Kerbing "
 Tyres - R.P.
Thanks Henry - I assumed they worked like that.
 Tyres - Runfer D'Hills
Yeah, don’t rely on that bead thing… :-(
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