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 Alfa Romeo anyone ? - legacylad
Mentioning this because I saw a small Alfa SUV recently which hadn’t crossed my radar, unlike the larger Stelvio. The Tonale, apparently.

The last time I ever considered an Alfa was several decades ago, probably late 70s, when 3 friends had a Sud, Sud Ti, and Sud Sprint..the angular looking one.

I recall a raspy exhaust note, rust, and an Alfa specialist in Keighley ( Wynn Lear) who lent me a Sud as a courtesy car when servicing our his n hers VW Transporters.

Anyone been brave enough to own one in recent times ? The rust issue must be a distant memory, and I’ve no idea which parts bin, if any, they use these days. Are they even their own engines ?
 Alfa Romeo anyone ? - Manatee
>>Are they even their own engines ?
Mostly Fiat I imagine, and Fiat do some engine sharing themselves.

The 3.0 V6 petrol in the Stelvio is based on a Ferrari V8.
 Alfa Romeo anyone ? - martin aston
My son fancied a used one earlier this year. I am not sure of the model but it’s touted as a BMW 3 rival. However having made an appointment to view and travel 50 miles it wasn’t available to drive. He did get to sit in it but it was too cramped (he is 6’3”) but never had space problems with previous cars even down to Citroen C1 and Corsa.
He ended up with mint Approved Mazda 6.
So there you have it. A range even those with a car interest can’t name, a dealer who doesn’t care and too small for today’s giant offspring.
 Alfa Romeo anyone ? - Mr Moo
That’ll be the Giulia, MA. Lovely looking thing, but aside from the fire breathing version, only available with one other engine option - a petrol 4-pot.

Feels to me like Alfa is little more than a Stellantis parts bin special these days. I believe the new Toe Nail SUV is based on Jeep running gear.

The legendary Busso V6 and Twin Spark petrol units and even the 5-pot JTD diesels; which were all full of character are no more. Shame.
 Alfa Romeo anyone ? - Runfer D'Hills
Nearly bought a 159 estate once. Loved the test drive, loved the trim, loved the look of it. Didn’t like the smallish boot so much but was nearly persuaded. In the end I bottled it and bought another Mondeo estate instead. That was a good car, but it wasn’t an Alfa. It is one thing to regret what you have done in life, but often far worse to regret what you’ve not done eh?
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 Alfa Romeo anyone ? - hawkeye

>> The 3.0 V6 petrol in the Stelvio is based on a Ferrari V8.

Didn't Maserati base a V6 on a then-current '70s V8 for the Citroen SM? That wasn't plain sailing IIRC.
 Alfa Romeo anyone ? - Boxsterboy
>> Didn't Maserati base a V6 on a then-current '70s V8 for the Citroen SM? That
>> wasn't plain sailing IIRC.

No, Citroen bought Maserati, mainly so that they could put their V6 engine in the SM, it being very clear that Citroen's top engine at the time (a fuel injected 4-cylinder used in the DS) wouldn't cut the mustard in the fabulous grand tourer that was the SM. And then came the 1973 fuel crisis...
 Alfa Romeo anyone ? - PR
I have had several Alfas over the years and they've all been great.

A few at work have Giulias and my dad has a Stelvio. All great cars. Very underrated. Lightweight chassis and good engines

Don't know much about the Tonale, but saw one the other day and for a small SUV I quite like the look of it.

Dealers are like most nowadays, expensive for what they are
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