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 Jimny out Something in? - MD
I'm considering hoofing the Jimny out as it's shrinking in size, or as the missus puts it, "It may be caused by something else". She's not normally that polite. In truth since I've had the knee replacement I can't achieve a bend further than 90 degrees, ingress and egress are a struggle. I shall miss its off road capabilities but I'll not miss the lack of Torque or BHP.

I would like a replacement with some off road capability although it now doesn't need to be as extreme as the Jimny. Much as I had always intended running the proverbial mile at the very mention of a Freelander, a mate has one, a Freelander 2 and it has been faultless. It's roomy and comfortable and the write ups I've read have been positive.

Any thoughts please and also on alternatives. Budget 7-8k ish.

Many thanks...............MD
 Jimny out Something in? - R.P.
Skoda Yeti.
 Jimny out Something in? - Bromptonaut
>> Skoda Yeti.

I'd go with that. Followed on for a few miles on the A35 this morning. Nice car, spacious and with a 4WD option in some models.

A Berlingo or one of its cousins might be another option. However the seats are some way back from the cills which can make entry exit difficult for those with limited mobility and short legs.

My Mother couldn't get in at all, front or rear.
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 Jimny out Something in? - Fullchat
I'm quite taken with the Yeti as a replacement for the Soul. Similar 'rugged' box shape. However since they stopped production 17/18 low mileage examples will becoming few and far between.
Its replacement, the Karoq has the the more typical SUV shape which I can take or leave.
 Jimny out Something in? - Dog
Neighb has recently bought an almost new Jimny - mucho improved on the previous model.

His ole woman then went out and bought an Evoke. 7 years old, so probably paid in the region of £16-17k.

For your budget, I'd suggest looking at Japs, say Suzuki Vitara and Toyota RAV4.
 Jimny out Something in? - legacylad
I’d replace it with a Macan GTS.
You’ll get a lot of grief about it being a ‘barbiebmobile’ but build quality is A1 and it goes like stink.
And a babe magnet ( not the pig type) if you’re so inclined
 Jimny out Something in? - Runfer D'Hills
Vitara maybe? Similar, but bigger than your Jimny. Or, a Duster perhaps? I’ve seen both in places that “normal” cars would struggle to cope with.
 Jimny out Something in? - Mr Moo
We ran a Freelander 2 for 5 years or so, only selling it in 2014 due to getting a company car. Bought at 2 years old with 11,000 miles on the clock, with some trepidation given LR’s patchy reliability.

Sold with 75k miles on it. Sum total of costs, aside from service and MOT was a set of tyres and one bulb. Wouldn’t have sold it if I hadn’t been given a company car. MOT history says it’s still going strong at 175,000 miles, so I’d say they’re pretty tough. The 2.2 diesel is a PSA unit and doesn’t seem to suffer from the same fragility as the JLR Ingenium units that came in a bit later.
 Jimny out Something in? - carmalade
If you are brave enough to buy a JLR product, then stay well away from the ingenium engine , in either petrol or diesel . A friend of mine is the service manager at a JLR main dealer . He’s got a yard full of vehicles that need engines . Some have done as little as 10k miles . Suzuki vitara all grip is a good shout . Either the 1.6 or 1.4 booster jet engines. The diesel is a Fiat engine.
 Jimny out Something in? - Bobby
What about an oldish CRV?
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