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 Audi - A4 Avant Black Edition 2.0Tsi...S....etc - R.P.
A week on, covered 300 miles most of which was driving back from Grimsby.

The car was delivered with one key - not a good impression really, the second arrived on Wednesday and the car is booked in at a local Audi dealer after I come backs from our German holiday. Anyway, the car itself is all that I expected, a really fine riding and handling car. I connected with it straight away and is a real joy to drive. Mrs RP drove home from a meal out (I'd had a couple of pints of the excellent Wrexham Lager) and her opinion was that it was a superb drive, the car's performance is stunning (considering it lives in "efficient") mode and suits the roads around here, where you can still make progress.

Build quality is mies ahead of Volvo's, the interior is grey and boring but it really works well and the tactile quality of the switchgear is really old school. The nappa leather seats are as good as Volvo's any day of the week.

So far so good. I don't miss the XC40 at all.
 Audi - A4 Avant Black Edition 2.0Tsi...S....etc - NortonES2
Damn. Was thinking of replacing our Auris hybrid with a Corolla estate, but I'm now wondering if I should venture back to Audi. To have a more spirited motoring finale. Had an Audi 80 back in the day, which was excellent.
 Audi - A4 Avant Black Edition 2.0Tsi...S....etc - legacylad
Me too...Audi 80 Sport. Black, Golf Gti engine I think...B626 VCX.

Bought third hand off a pal with very high miles...cracking car.
 Audi - A4 Avant Black Edition 2.0Tsi...S....etc - Runfer D'Hills
I had an A4 Avant with the 2.5 diesel engine back around the late 90s I suppose. Looked nice in black, but I never really got on with it. Felt very nose heavy in corners as I recall. Modern ones are probably better set up.
 Audi - A4 Avant Black Edition 2.0Tsi...S....etc - Manatee
I had a new 80 in 1993, before they were renamed A4. It always felt nose heavy and understeery. And that was a petrol, so the heavier diesel engine probably made it worse.

I don't think that applies 30 years later, but I haven't driven one since then!
 Audi - A4 Avant Black Edition 2.0Tsi...S....etc - Boxsterboy
I would be interested to see what sort of fuel economy you are getting from this - not that long ago nearly all A4s were diesel autos by default, chosen in a large part because of their fuel efficiency (and hence lower CO2 rating). Times have changed and I wonder how does the petrol compare?
 Audi - A4 Avant Black Edition 2.0Tsi...S....etc - R.P.
First impressions

Well five hundred miles on...

40 mpg, it is driven with spirit. So much better than the XC40 !

Fast, smooth and economical. The biggest (slight though) disappointment is the steering wheel. It was supposed to be spec'd with a flat bottomed wheel (exactly the same as the UP as it happens) - it has a traditional (if slightly oval) wheel. It feels a bit large IYKWIM - seems the flat bottomed wheel isn't on the spec sheet for 2023. Not a big issue but if feels a lot more wieldy than the brilliant 335 I had. Seats are comfy (Nappa leather upgrade) - the driver's "virtual" cockpit is pretty smart with loads of options. Best version of Apple Car Play so far, totally seamless. Rear space is huge including masses of legroom, 3 zone climate is handy for Parents in law, who like a different temp to what I like in the front.

Going in for an Audi dash-cam to be fitted on Wednesday, tried to spec it when it arrived with the dealer to no avail, well reputed local dealer near Conwy so no hardship.

It's all the makings of a fine motor. Looking forward to driving a car again. Never happened with the XC40
 Audi - RTFM - That is all. - R.P.
The most complex looking and defeating luggage cover mystery has been solved. Mainly by reading the f-ing manual.

Never got on with these VAG covers--the soft bit slots into two long runners either side, the theory being is the lift and retract with the far so good, only the thing wouldn't "catch" in the horizontal (flat) position.

The A4's paper manual is a thing to behold - very detailed but it is a one size fits all, so a particular section in Electric Luggage Cover then For cars fitted with an electric luggage cover How we're supposed to know whether a car actually has this feature, I do not know ! Any it is and works really well in its German good I tried it three times.

BMW's manuals are so much better, especially the iDrive...specific to your own car. That helps
 Audi - RTFM - That is all. - bathtub tom
Found an old gazebo in the shed we haven't used for years. Tried for a long time to put the frame up, until SWMBO asked if I'd looked at the instructions. Replied they're long gone, until she tipped the canvas out of the bag and lo and behold.....................................................

Got twenty five quid for it!
 Audi - RTFM - That is all. - Bromptonaut
There's a gazebo thing we use at work if we're at an outdoor event. One of my colleagues acquired it from a neighbour.

It's a Khyam device based on their now largely superceded Rigi-Dome tent. Easy if you know how to do it, get it on it's 'knees' then extend the lower limbs and peg. We knew how as we had two XXL tents when the kids were young and now have one of their caravan awnings.

No instructions as provided. Much thrashing about until somebody twigged.
 Audi - A4 Avant Black Edition 2.0Tsi...S....etc - R.P.
Week's holiday in a house near Barmouth. Swallowed our luggage (and dog) whole. Treated it to some Shell V Power as a treat which it swallowed at 40 plus MPG despite some excellent roads between Dolgellau and home. New feature found, reversing camera has its own washer !

Fine set of wheels
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