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 23 plates. - R.P.
Not seen many and all that I have seen have been a clutch of motor-cycles...
 23 plates. - Bromptonaut
No, not one so far.

Even looking out for then up and down the M1/M6 at the weekend when we went to see the rellies in Brum.
 23 plates. - RichardW
2 Defenders (must have been on delivery as they were on Yorkshire plates in S Scotland, and less than a mile apart!)
A Hyundai Tucson (maybe, something big like that)
A Hyundai Kona. In Battleship grey....ummmm????
 23 plates. - legacylad
Friends wife took delivery of a Kona N last Friday. Liked her Abarth but it’s more practical ( elderly parent considerations). White with red highlights ( the car).

Doubtless I’ll be taken for a bimble when it’s run in.
 23 plates. - Lygonos
Saw a Citroen Ami last week in Falkirk.

Also saw an MG HS PHEV on my driveway last week but it was the wrong colour so they are delivering the correct one for the missus next week!
 23 plates. - tyrednemotional
...two weeks for a complete respray?
 23 plates. - Lygonos
>> ...two weeks for a complete respray?

Am expecting at least a dayglo pink wrap.
 23 plates. - tyrednemotional'll look good on you.....
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