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 Dangerous driving sentence - Lygonos
Suspended jail term and 2yr driving ban.

Watch the video.

Weak sauce sentencing IMO.
 Dangerous driving sentence - Falkirk Bairn
The prisons are full to the gunnels.

Obviously there are more serious criminals who need to few vacancies i the prisons.

Will a 19 yr old tearaway be a reformed character after the court appearance and a slap on the wrist? Odds are NO! IMHO
 Dangerous driving sentence - Falkirk Bairn
Another road death and NO prison sentence

Being sent to prison gets harder as time passes!
 Dangerous driving sentence - Bromptonaut
>> Another road death and NO prison sentence

Are we saying any death on the road should mean time inside?
 Dangerous driving sentence - Robin O'Reliant
"Lord Stuart, speaking at the High Court sentencing in Edinburgh, said it had been "a deeply tragic event" caused by a "momentary loss of attention" from Henry.

The judge told the court a background report on Henry noted she presented as someone who was sincerely ashamed and remorseful after having caused death and injury."

There but for the grace of God go us all.
 Dangerous driving sentence - CGNorwich
It is difficult to see how a jail sentence would actually do anything in this case. If it seen as a punishment or a warning to others then does that work when the offence is carelessness?
 Dangerous driving sentence - Fullchat
I've covered some miles up and down that stretch of road back in the day as it was part of my 'patch'.
Strange conclusion. I wondered if it was deliberate or the driver was paying too much attention to his mirror and drifted to the offside. I'm erring on the side of the former.
Very lucky to have survived that impact.
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