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 Driving Licence renewal at 70 - Manatee
Anybody done this recently?

Apparently it can be done online unless I want to keep my C1 and D1 entitlements. Why wouldn't I?

They are supposed to send a form 90 days from my 70th birthday but no sign of it yet.

Will I need a medical or something to keep my entitlements? Has anyone had any problems with entitlements just disappearing?

I gather the trailer test has been scrapped so there should be no difficulty keeping my B+E or getting it back.

I've ordered a couple of forms just in case. I'm flapping a bit about reported delays because I intend to drive to Italy not long after my birthday.
 Driving Licence renewal at 70 - tyrednemotional
...did mine last year and relinquished my C1* (which needs a medical which will cost you - not that I would have expected to fail). If you want to keep C1 it can't be done online.

Online, with my photo taken from my passport records - ever so simple and quick.

(* given I drive a motorhome, there is a remote possibility I might want to reinstate my C1 in the future - I have owned motorhomes over 3500kg MTPLM in the past - it isn't a particularly onerous process to do so (with the requisite medical) but it pays to keep a record of the original entitlement).

There have been some complaints in the past about the licence being dated from the date of application/issue (which could be a pain, since it's three-yearly renewal from here on in), but mine was dated from my 70th birthday.
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 Driving Licence renewal at 70 - Manatee
Thanks, I thought that might be the case. I don't really need it, although I have used it twice in 40 years! Similarly I don't want to cart people about in a minibus.

I'll go with the online then.
 Driving Licence renewal at 70 - tyrednemotional
...I considered keeping my entitlements, but I was in a similar boat to you, with a holiday planned and reported long delays for non-online applications, so I passed.

The topic is a widely discussed one in the motorhome community, and I know of a number of people who've relinquished only to subsequently get them re-instated.

(My neighbour briefly purchased and ran a motorhome over 3,500kg, and was shocked to find he was driving illegally as he'd inadvertently relinquished rights at 70 - he fairly rapidly had to arrange reinstatement.)
 Driving Licence renewal at 70 - tyrednemotional
...FWIW, there are strong rumours that the EU are to increase the weight that can be driven on a standard (B) licence from 3.5t to 4.25t in the near future, and that the UK (having taken back control) will follow.

(This is a general positioning, not the recent similar changes already in place for Alternatively Fuelled Vehicles).
 Driving Licence renewal at 70 - bathtub tom
Take a high quality photocopy of your driving entitlements and check your new licence thoroughly. I've heard numerous accounts of folk losing their motorcycle rights and because they leave it too long, have to re-take the test!

SWMBO experienced the opposite, when she, magically, obtained a full motorcycle licence at 70, apparently passing her test around ten years previously. Something neither of us can recall.
 Driving Licence renewal at 70 - VxFan
>> Take a high quality photocopy of your driving entitlements and check your new licence thoroughly.

Alternately check them here, and print out the info. Then do a comparison when your new licence arrives.
 Driving Licence renewal at 70 - sooty123
I thought you could drive a minibus on a cat B as long as its not for reward or hire?
 Driving Licence renewal at 70 - Bromptonaut
>> I thought you could drive a minibus on a cat B as long as its
>> not for reward or hire?

Not sure whether C1 or D1 are any longer included without further test.
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