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 Slice of my history is going - Zero
The Air Balloon at Birdlip, is going. Its been a significant journey focal point in my time
 Slice of my history is going - R.P.
We were discussing this on FB with some friends earlier. Hope that the historical name gets kept in some shape or form.
 Slice of my history is going - Zero
It was a kind of milestone on any trip to to Gloucester, Hereford and any trip across the severn north of Bristol.
 Slice of my history is going - zippy
Agree - it was a marker for my long journey home when I visited client's in that area. Went last past there in March 22 and in my head the lady on the traffic news was mentioning the "Air Balloon" and some delay.
 Slice of my history is going - Bromptonaut
Not passed it that often but a family from the village with boys who were friends with my son moved to the Forest of Dean 20 or so years ago and we went to see them a couple of times.

The Air Balloon featured on that route.
 Slice of my history is going - martin aston
I have the misfortune to have to travel past the Air Balloon about once a month. Despite its history I can only associate it with traffic jams going north and a need for caution coming south up the hill in two lanes of fast moving traffic.
The sooner it’s improved the better.
 Slice of my history is going - Mr Moo
We live to the north of Cheltenham and I’ve spent the past 20+ years avoiding that stretch of road! Several back roads provide a viable alternative
 Slice of my history is going - bathtub tom
I have to confess I've been that way a few times, but never noticed it.

However, The Crooked Billet (probably one of many) is etched in my memory from ancient coach trips as a youngster, along with the common cold research centre.
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