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 "Climate lock-downs". - R.P.

Makes the 20mph limits in Wales seem quite soft.
 "Climate lock-downs". - Boxsterboy
Well when the demand exceeds road-space in an historic town centre, they can’t just demolish the dreaming spires and build a 8-lane motorway, can they! Demand has to be restricted somehow.
 "Climate lock-downs". - CGNorwich
With the number of cars on the road we are going to have to accept that their is no God given right to drive your car wherever you want whenever you want. Seems a reasonable solution to Oxfords ghastly traffic problem.
 "Climate lock-downs". - Kevin
After years spent troubleshooting problems in the tech industry I can tell you that Oxford Council's measures to alleviate congestion are doomed to failure.
To engineer a solution to any problem requires a fundamental understanding of the root causes of that problem and the application of scientific principles and logic to address them. As often happens from a lack of understanding, the council have assumed that the problem is far more complex than it actually is, so they have made the mistake of treating the symptoms and not the underlying cause. In this case the solution is really quite simple.

It is undeniable that the problem of congestion in city centres is caused by private motor vehicles. The solution therefore lies in reducing the largest proportion of offending vehicles with the least possible inconvenience. Now, since the vast majority of private motor vehicles have four cylinders or less, logic dictates that only vehicles with more than four cylinders should be allowed into city centres.
 "Climate lock-downs". - CGNorwich
What are these cylinders that your car possesses?
 "Climate lock-downs". - Biggles
'Less than three' would be more efective.
 "Climate lock-downs". - zippy
It seems that Canterbury have similar ideas...

Did they go to the same zoom meeting (or expensive conference on how to squeeze more fines out of an already over burdened population)?

What happens to visitors to the town, will they be allowed to drive where they wish and cross boundaries?

If they are allowed, the simple solution would be to have the car registered to a company owned by the driver but registered at an out of city address?
 "Climate lock-downs". - Terry
Sadly fleets of V8s rumbling through the centre of Oxford is unlikely. And allowing the wealthy with their mix of BMW, Lexus, Merc and Audi 4x4s to parade their bank balance would be seen as socially unseemly.

If selection relies upon identification with a numerically small group, perhaps the honour of the "Freedom of the City" should be given to classic car drivers, those over 80 years, illegal immigrants, one legged members of the LGBT community etc.
 "Climate lock-downs". - Duncan
>> 'Less than three' would be more efective.

Fewer than three would be more grammatical.
 "Climate lock-downs". - tyrednemotional
...and anyone who can't get that right most certainly shouldn't be allowed into Oxford....;-)
 "Climate lock-downs". - Biggles
"<" is all I have to say.
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