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 One Waiting to Happen, Then it Did - Robin O'Reliant
Pulled in at the local petrol station this afternoon as the sun was creeping low over the horizon. Even with polarised sunglasses and the visor down it was quite blinding to drive into. Parked ahead of me as I crossed the road into the forecourt was a hatchback of some make or other with an elderly gent sitting at the wheel. I thought to myself that it was a silly place to stop on a main road with the visibility so poor, but soon forgot it as I got to the pump. Just as I was opening the filler flap, CRUMP!, looked across and a van had managed to bury itself in his rear end.

Damage only as they were both out exchanging details, but I would have been very P'd off with myself had I been either driver.
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 One Waiting to Happen, Then it Did - Dave_
This teaches us that not everyone thinks about mitigating against low sun at this time of year. I keep a pair of polarised sunglasses in the car and regularly clean the inside of the windows, so I can almost always get a clear view of the road, wet or dry, when driving into a low sun. I'm always aware that other road users may not be able to see me or the road ahead as clearly, and take extra care because of that. I also used dipped headlights in daylight to stand out to oncoming traffic when the low sun is behind me.
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