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 Electric vehicle company cars - Bobby
Random thought came into my head today, how do company car drivers with electric cars claim expenses mileage etc?

Many years since I had a company car and had to provide receipts for diesel but how do electric drivers claim for home charging? And if charging at workplaces is this a benefit in kind?
 Electric vehicle company cars - Falkirk Bairn
The only person I know with a company Tesla has no issues.

He gets the car foc - there is no BIK deduction from his pay. His company has a charge point at the office so all of his travel, business & pleasure is foc.

His wife is taking delivery of a Q5 electric in January- again foc as there is no BIK deduction from her pay. She is given a company charge card for business miles but she has to charge at home for pleasure miles.

Safe to say she will probably use the Audi very little for pleasure.
 Electric vehicle company cars - Slightlyfatdirector
I don't have experience of fully electric, but do with a hybrid. Sort can at least comment on the personal mileage aspect for those interested.

I pay for personal mileage at x amount per mile and pay our company for this each month. I had wondered if this would change when I swapped out to a new petrol hybrid assuming that I would not have to pay the x amount of pence per mile as I have been doing with previous diesel cars. This is because I can do my commute on all electric (if I charge it of course).

Turns out that as a hybrid it is classed as a petrol car and no allowance is made for it also being electric too. Same would be the case with a diesel hybrid too (are there any?).

So if I pay for my electricity to charge the car (which I do) and drive to work and back all on electric I still have to pay the same 18p per mile as if it was a sub-2.0 litre petrol (dropping next month a little I think).

The personal tax on my P11D is so much less than a diesel, so it's swings and roundabouts, and of course it's up to me whether I charge it or not. That's my personal choice.

 Electric vehicle company cars - bathtub tom
>>Same would be the case with a diesel hybrid too (are there any?).

I've wondered that myself, as I've never come across any. I would've thought it would be an ideal combination.
 Electric vehicle company cars - Kevin
Jaguar had the hybrid concept car that burnt diesel in a gas turbine to generate electrickery. In theory it could burn anything from Pernod to paraffin.
 Electric vehicle company cars - sooty123
>> >>Same would be the case with a diesel hybrid too (are there any?).

There were some I think but they weren't very popular as the battery/diesel mix didn't really work well, mainly because they both produce torque low down.
 Electric vehicle company cars - Runfer D'Hills
Mercedes did one on the E Class
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 Electric vehicle company cars - Zero
with two pots short of a power plant, you'd need to
 Electric vehicle company cars - Mr Moo
Merc have several diesel hybrid models, but they’re about the only manufacturer persisting with them.

Regarding reimbursement or payment rates for fuel, most employers use the HMRC AFR tables, which are updated quarterly:

Electric is now reimbursed at 8p/mile and there are rates for both petrol and diesel, depending on engine size. Hybrids are treated the same as pure ICE.

As I understand it, the rates can be used ‘both ways’. I pay for all of my fuel for both business and personal and then reclaim the business mileage at the HMRC rates. Current company car is a 2.5 petrol PHEV, so I get reimbursed for biz mileage at 26p/mile. So for me, the more economically I can drive, the more I ‘earn’ from driving for biz, provided I can better around 28 mpg, or buy petrol cheaper than the prices they’re using, or charge up at low or no cost wherever possible. Works for me, as I can generally get more than 60mpg average from the car.

Where it works less well, is the scenario where the company pays for all of the fuel and then the employee reimbursed their employer at the AFR rate. If my company did it that way around, it’d make for some very expensive personal travel!
 Electric vehicle company cars - Bobby
You an Outlander or Kuga?
 Electric vehicle company cars - Mr Moo
Good narrowing down Bobby. Kuga.
 Electric vehicle company cars - Bobby
Assume being a heavy 2.5 litre car, if you had to do a long petrol only journey eg Glasgow to the Chunnel, you would get poor mpg?
Or is there still a lot of regen going on even on motorways to impact that?
 Electric vehicle company cars - smokie
My old Ampera wasn't so bad, somewhere in the 40mpg IIRC when no electricity. But much more useful for short local trips under the 30 - 40 mile electric range
 Electric vehicle company cars - zippy

I wanted an Ampera but my employer's lease company refused to buy them.

To me, they are a sensible solution to the range problem - electric for short journeys, petrol range extender for longer trips. I guess for me, 100 miles electric range would be ideal, switching automatically to ICE after that (though I think the Ampera charged itself from the ICE).

Some BMW I3s had a similar set up I recall. I am still gutted to not have jumped at the chance of an I3 in 2016 when BMW were offloading a lot of nearly new ones (<100 miles) for £18k each.
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 Electric vehicle company cars - smokie
Nah the Ampera didn't charge itself from the ICE, although there was a way to force it to but I'm not sure it was a very cheap way to do it. It was called Mountain mode where the ICE and Electric worked together to give it a bit more oomph for long hills. On a flat road and if the EV battery was < 50% it would put in a few miles but you could hear the engine running harder to do it.
 Electric vehicle company cars - Mr Moo
>> Assume being a heavy 2.5 litre car, if you had to do a long petrol
>> only journey eg Glasgow to the Chunnel, you would get poor mpg?
>> Or is there still a lot of regen going on even on motorways to impact
>> that?

To be honest, it’s not bad. Prior to the recent cold snap, even a 200+ mile journey would get 55-60 mpg. I do tend to pootle along though - usually around 65mph on cruise on the motorway. Overall average over 27k miles is 117mpg, but that’s flattered by a lot of home charging, albeit on cheap overnight juice.
 Electric vehicle company cars - Bobby
That’s interesting.
Cheers Mr Moo
 Electric vehicle company cars - zippy
Rate per mile at my place of work.
 Electric vehicle company cars - car4play
BIK on full electric is 2% of car price now. Used to be free.
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