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 Mazda - MX 5 RF review. - R.P.
Some enjoyable vids from this guy.

Particulary good review of the MX5 RF.
 Mazda - MX 5 RF review. - Manatee
Thanks, always interesting to hear opinions as I own one of course. As did you, I recall.

I like the soft top too much to want an RF, although I'd probably choose it for a daily and especially if unable to rely on safe parking. Ours is a fair weather and holiday car.

Sounds as if he hasn't driven the 1.5. I chose it after driving both and I have no intention of parting with it as long as I can drive it. It's just such a joyful car to drive, which he did give the RF credit for. And not all all slow in absolute terms, not that it really matters.

He's obviously not a light packer either. A couple of months ago we were away for 10 days and over 2,000 miles in ours, and we did have daily changes of clothes! No boot rack or bootbag involved.
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