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 Spotify and android auto - Crankcase
Does anyone use spotify and android auto? Mine is exhibiting some odd behaviour, but I won’t bother to explain it for your thoughts if nobody here uses it.
 Spotify and android auto - Ateca chris
 Spotify and android auto - Bromptonaut
Mrs B uses Spotify and the Fabia has Android Auto but I don't think she's used them together - just gets the Google Map on the car's display.

FWIW I've no problem using Auto with Amazon for streaming.
 Spotify and android auto - Crankcase
Ah, thanks.

Well, as a check - as you know, when you play a track, on the car's screen it shows a "progress circle", for want of a better term.

The circle is obviously supposed to complete as the track ends.

However, for me it now completes the circle before the track has finished.

Then the display shows the NEXT track it's going to play, whilst still actually playing the previous one.

The circle for this next track starts as well, so by the time it ACTUALLY starts playing, the circle is already halfway through.

The display is getting ahead of the music.

By the time you've played a few tracks, it's showing on screen the cover and info for two or three tracks ahead of what you are actually listening to.

Bizarre. So, anyone else seen this weirdness?

 Spotify and android auto - Ateca chris
Can't say iv ever noticed, I will pay attention later when I leave work and report back.
I have a Seat Ateca with the VW set up same thats probably in Bromps Fabia
Have you updated Android Auto lately? Mine did a few weeks ago.
 Spotify and android auto - Crankcase
Mie's a Skoda, so I guess the same internals as yours and the Fabia.

Yes, AA and Spotify up to date, cache cleared, phone restarted, etc etc.

I'll be interested to discover if it's just me or not, so if you do remember to check, that would be great. Ta.
 Spotify and android auto - Ateca chris
I have checked and mine has a round play button, as the track plays the outer edge of circle turns green and completes in the Time of the track.

I take it the phone also connects via Bluetooth? Have you tried deleting it and reinstalling.

 Spotify and android auto - Crankcase
Ah, well that's useful, thanks. At least I know it's not a generic Spotify issue.

I guess it's Bluetooth, though I run it plugged in. I tried doing it wirelessly, but it seemed more problematic than useful.

I'll have a go at removing the phone and re-pairing it.
 Spotify and android auto - Bromptonaut
>> I take it the phone also connects via Bluetooth?

Now I have had oddities with track/display synch while connecting the phone via Bluetooth but when it's using Android Auto over USB then Bluetooth is explicitly disabled.
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