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 Parking at Heathrow term 2 - wotspur
Next week m flying on a quick 48 hr trip from Term 2 at Heathrow at stupid o’clock .
Any recommendations of parking companies .??
There seems to be a Purple parking that seems most reasonable , a Kangeroo company ( that has pretty bad reviews, and Heathrow Official parking ….
 Parking at Heathrow term 2 - zippy
I have used Purple Parking, but not for about a decade.

I gave them a new Audi A4 3.2l Audi convertible and it came back with an extra 10 miles on the clock and seeing the depot was about 5 miles from the airport, that seemed fine.

I have also used their carpark and minibus to the airport service. The carpark was tarmac with tall fences and well lit.

Again this was about a decade ago.

There is almost always a 15% off offer from them.
 Parking at Heathrow term 2 - Runfer D'Hills
Short term might be ok for 48 hours and not too deadly if you book it in advance.
 Parking at Heathrow term 2 - smokie
Short term at Heathrow for 48 hours? £123. Long stay £59.50. OK if you're on expenses I suppose :-)

Purple parking are offsite but they always used to be the cheapest when I was travelling through Heathrow.

For my current holiday trips I usually book through - and/or if you go through Quidco you can often get a bit more off (£90 off £250 for my imminent 6 weeks at Luton). A quick look at holidayextras shows Purple Parking at £45ish.
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