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 Public EV charging £1 per unit! - smokie
One of the public EV charging providers, Osprey, has just announced a price increase to £1 per unit. I expect the rest will follow suit.

That is pushing the price of EV public charging very high (most are 66p a unit or much much less) and I suspect is something of an effort to get the government to "do something" for them.

Thankfully I don't do much public charging, though have done so over the past 8 weeks.
 Public EV charging £1 per unit! - Zero
so how many "units" to go from 20% to 80%?
 Public EV charging £1 per unit! - CGNorwich
Unit” = I KWh. Typical EV with 57 KWh battery has range of around 240 miles so to put 60% into battery would cost around £40 at an Osprey charger
 Public EV charging £1 per unit! - Bobby
So is that £40 for 144 miles or thereabouts?
So 28p a mile?
Think my diesel is about 17p a mile.
 Public EV charging £1 per unit! - smokie
Yep, that's right.

Luckily my home cheap rate is still only 7.5p so somewhere around 2p per mile.
 Public EV charging £1 per unit! - Bobby
What is the standard kw cap rate now?
 Public EV charging £1 per unit! - Bobby
34p it seems?
 Public EV charging £1 per unit! - Bobby
So about £20 for 240 miles, about 8.5p per mile on standard Home hook up?
 Public EV charging £1 per unit! - smokie
I think mine is 36p but you're about right

EDIT this table says 28p now, 52p from 1 Oct
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 Public EV charging £1 per unit! - Bobby
52p would make it cost around 12.5p per mile.
And I reckon diesel prices will continue to fall. Getting close to there being not much difference in monetary savings based on those figures.
 Public EV charging £1 per unit! - smokie
What about the planetary savings though ? :-)

There are some other savings (cheaper servicing, zero road tax at the moment) but I must admit I didn't expect electricity for cars to always remain below dino juices. But I always thought it'd be the UK government which would introduce a rise, via tax somehow, not (indirectly maybe) the Russian one :-)

Yes yes, I know the cars are more expensive to buy...
 Public EV charging £1 per unit! - Terry
For 10 years or more, electricity has been far cheaper than oil.

That things have changed in the last few days due mainly to Ukraine conflict fallout does not render the technology a financial dead end.

I agree with the observation that at some point the costs of electric would increase to recover the loss in tax revenue as oil declines. It has just happened rather earlier and for different reasons than expected.
 Public EV charging £1 per unit! - CGNorwich
Do you have a link?
 Public EV charging £1 per unit! - smokie
It came though on email.


I am writing to notify you that Osprey will be making a price change for our rapid EV charging network to £1 per kWh.

• Customers using bank cards or Apple/Google Pay will see this starting to take effect from 15 September as it is rolled out across our charge points.
• For Osprey app account customers, sessions made from 1 October will be billed at the new rate.
• For up-to-date roaming prices please check the provider website or app
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