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 Porsche Cayenne - Duke of Marlborough has the car re-possessed - Falkirk Bairn

The Duke of Marlborough’s Porsche is to be seized after he failed to keep up with its payments, despite inheriting part of his father’s £36 million estate.

A judge ordered the once notoriously wayward aristocrat to hand over the £132,000 car, having ruled that it had been “wrongly kept”.

Despite one of Britain’s most spectacular stately homes, Blenheim Palace, being his home, the 12th Duke only paid just over half of what he owed for the Porsche Cayenne, after he entered into a financial arrangement in 2018.

Court documents reportedly show that Volkswagen Financial Services UK, the lender, wrote to the Duke, named as Charles Spencer-Churchill, 66, in February demanding that he return the vehicle.

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