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 Police Interceptors - tyrednemotional
....I know, I know...

As posted elsewhere I'm spending much of my spare time looking after a neighbours dogs as he is in hospital (and, incidentally, now looks like he is terminal :-( ).

First chance to sit down last night was 21:00, and with a glass of wine to hand I watched Police Interceptors on 5+1. I've caught a few of this series, as they're set in Nottinghamshire, and it's interesting to work out where the segments are filmed (especially when the caption and editing means they aren't where they say they are!).

I spotted that one segment, where an S-Max reversed repeatedly and forcefully into a police Beemer was at a roundabout on the A614 somewhat to the North of here - a section of road I use regularly if heading North to the A1.

After multiple attacks, the Beeemer was left disabled, with significant damage all the way back to the windscreen, and a final shot was shown from the outside (another, later, Police attendee probably) and then the final location and damage suddenly reminded me.

We'd passed this incident heading home Southbound some months ago. The Beemer was noticeable for the damage, and there were at least three other unmarked police cars parked in the immediate vicinity.

There was no frantic activity going on, no apparent damage to anything else, and I just came to the conclusion he'd "stacked it" at speed going round the (tight) roundabout. (The S-Max was shown in the programme making off, albeit with a much-foreshortened rear).

It all makes sense now, and clears up a bit of a mystery.
 Police Interceptors - sooty123
I saw the same episode, that S-Max didn't half ram the police car.
 Police Interceptors - Boxsterboy
You could say it S-maxed it?
 Police Interceptors - BiggerBadderDave
'now looks like he is terminal :-( )'

Root around for his will.
 Police Interceptors - tyrednemotional
...can't; he might have left me the dogs.....
 Police Interceptors - Bobby
Saw their police force tweeting out today photos of their new traffic cars - M340
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