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 Dash cam holiday videos - legacylad
End of September I’m returning to Spain for 6 weeks pre hip op. Flying as usual, renting a car, limping around the hills best I can, if they’re not scorched earth by a large fire currently raging where I often walk.

Next Spring I’ll take the Yaris to Santander/Bilbao and stay en route with friends who live in the foothills of the Pyrenees, also visit the Picos, then drive down to the Marina Alta.

I’ve never had a dash cam, but it would be nice to make a video of my journey...a holiday momento. Currently the Nextbase 622GW seems to be gaining all the plaudits. It’s larger than the Nextbase 380GWX ( front & rear set up) which Toyota dealers install, but my local Toyota Service Dept tell me they’ll install any dash cam which I can buy independently.

Anyone any experience of doing such a thing ?....there will be lots of mountain roads, and the 4K high def of the 622GW could capture some great mountain scenery.

Advice appreciated
 Dash cam holiday videos - Zero
Dash cams not good for holiday vista videos. Too wide angle gives little distance clarity, no perspective - Ok for the primary function of recording the accident 50 feet in front of you.

Consider a go-pro and windscreen mount.
 Dash cam holiday videos - legacylad
Thanks Z.
I’ll research that option...hopefully connect to the Gitanes lighter.
 Dash cam holiday videos - Zero
Also means of course you can take the go pro on your hikes.
 Dash cam holiday videos - Bobby
I still have a dashcam video collection of my American holiday including driving down to Hoover Dam. Then going from the Freeway to, a couple of turns later, driving down the Boulevard in Vegas and hearing the kids gasp at the sight.

Just make sure you have the means to download / upload the clips you want as the dashcams just loop over and over.

Finally, don’t wait till then, get and start using a dashcam now!
 Dash cam holiday videos - Bobby
Or get one of those new 360 cameras that appear to act like a drone in front of you!! Very impressive!
 Dash cam holiday videos - smokie
As I always think with video, when will you ever watch it again, unless it's a real "occasion" like kids birthday etc.
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