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 Summer car hire - legacylad
Bit of a moan really....4 days car rental, with a half decent company in Cyprus, €140. Plus a few € more for full insurance. I’ve tried all the normal sources...DYS, online comparisons etc.
Back street rentals €100 for 4 days.
Comparing dates, like for like, renting from Alicante is half that price, as expected.

Pre Covid, and playing the system, I used to pay €25/40 for two weeks with my own CDW policy through DYS. The ‘good old days ‘....last time I visited Cyprus was with the first Mrs LL back in the 20th Century.
I’m only here for 10 days, got a mountain of books, the sea is an 8 minute stroll for early morning and evening dips, and I don’t know if I CBA to pay €140 to drive around in the heat.
And ....Lidl is a 10 minute walk, although their prices, for identical products which I buy in Spain, are far more expensive here, most likely because many of the customers in Spain are ‘locals’ as opposed to tourists here. Fair enough.
 Summer car hire - PR
You want to try Italy.

I was looking for a car for 16 days in Rome... £1200 for a Panda was the best I could get.

Though s*d it, and going to drive down instead
 Summer car hire - sooty123
That's not bad for Cyprus, I've seen €100 for a weekend for a 10-15 year old bangers over there.
It's not ever been like spain where you can hire cars for a 2 euros a day, not that I've seen anyway.

Cars, in general, are expensive in Cyprus.
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 Summer car hire - legacylad
For some reason I thought car hire would be cheap in Cyprus...years ago weren’t car pre reg in Cyprus before being sold in the U.K ?

In the area I’m staying one mode of transport for the ‘younger tourist’ appears to be rented quad bikes and funny 4 seater buggy type things.

Buses are cheap enough...€5 for a day, although they won’t take me off the beaten track.
I’m still mulling over whether to get a rental or not....
 Summer car hire - legacylad
Car rental prices....44 days end September from Alicante. My normal modus operandi is 3 x 2 week rentals, or 2 x 3 week rentals which are normally slightly more expensive but saves some hassle returning and collecting.
DYS, my normal go to broker, are quoting silly rental prices at the moment, and I prefer to stick with a handful of operators whom I’ve used previously.
I may end up biting the bullet and booking a non refundable directly with a car hire company I’ve used previously ...two 3 week rental periods. I can’t get an online quote for the full duration of the trip so awaiting a response.
Oh for the good old days of €40/70 for two weeks, with my own CDW policy.
 Summer car hire - smokie
I know. I have a week in Portugal on 26 Sep booked through DYS for €124 then the remaining nearly 5 weeks are €452. Next year is much worse, so much so that I'm thinking about taking my own car, which would overall cost about the same depending on route and my appetite for long hours driving, or doing without - mostly easy enough but fewer days out when there.
 Summer car hire - Terry
Planning to spend 6 weeks pre Xmas in Andalusia and have decided to take own car.

Cost is fairly neutral vs flying and hiring. Avoids changing car as rentals over 4 weeks usually carry a huge premium (last year had Ibiza + C3 + Corsa). Also no constraints on luggage (which may or may not be a good thing).

The really cheap deals in the past are mainly down to oversupply and limited demand - Covid related? Now hire companies have increased demand and few cars due to supply problems.

Assume a hire company buys a (very discounted) car for (say) £12k which depreciates by (say) £2k pa and rents for 40 weeks.

This is £50 pw just to cover depreciation. By they time admin, insurance, servicing, etc have been added I suspect that ~£100 is their base cost. They may offset a bit with CDW, child seats and other overpriced extras.

£2-5 a day is not a sustainable deal.
 Summer car hire - Zero
Off to the apartment in Alicante first week in November. Booked an on airport rental, auto, 9 days for 250 quid. Pre covid it would have cost me 75 quid.
 Summer car hire - CGNorwich
EU580 for 4 weeks on La Palma in Feb/Match. Zero excess insurance. Not too bad.
 Summer car hire - smokie
My mate is off to cyprus for an autumn week with friends(not family). I put him onto DYS which was cheap. He thought too cheap, too good to be true, and spent 5x the amount with a "reputable company".
 Summer car hire - legacylad
I always use DYS unless I can borrow a friends car....they’ve always proved cheaper than other online brokers, and rental deals offered by airlines.

FWIW I’ve recently registered with Record go and OK Mobility. Their booking direct deals seem very competitive given today’s prices....I never pay top wack for their fully comp insurance, but Record go have €263 27/09 > 18/10 and OK €234 18/10 > 09/11. Full to full fuel, and free cancellation with the former. My own £40 annual CDW insurance policy.

Still €497 for 44 days. Strewth. 3x what I used to pay pre Covid.

Hope that helps anyone anticipating overseas car rental.
 Summer car hire - smokie
I try to book mine well in advance and the booking I have for Sept/Oct/Nov this year is about half the cost of booking it now. I suppose I got lucky, in advance of the price hikes.

Record Go don't do Faro and OK Mobility was dearer than what I have booked (thru DYS) for next March and Sept, but I will keep them as a possibility for the future.
 Summer car hire - CGNorwich
As a rule I always book with a local company who has a good reputation. I find a good source for finding such information is the appropriate Tripadvisor forum for the area. Plenty of advice as who to use and perhaps more importantly who not to use.
 Summer car hire - legacylad
Plenty of free impartial advice on the local FB page for where I stay.

Invariably it’s the same 5 companies....who give an excellent service with full insurance, but charge €1500+ for the period I want (45 days). That’s almost the same as I pay for my normal accommodation, which is a great place to stay and includes electric.
 Summer car hire - legacylad
Ive given up on trying to get a dirt cheap rental.....bitten the bullet and paid a non refundable €242 to OK Mobility for 21 days starting late September. A further 23 days until November, when demand should be less, are currently €285.
As that is also non refundable I’m taking a chance and hope the price drops toward the winter months.

In mid May 2022 I paid €166 to OK for 17 days....brand new 208 GT as mentioned previously. That car was the catalyst for dumping the Focus and buying something more interesting...fingers crossed I get the same later this month. At the moment it’s a Fiat 500 or similar. Had one for 3 weeks previously. We didn’t get along.
 Summer car hire - Bobby
I know previous years have had great deals.
But let’s face it, £80 for a weeks car rental is still great value.
 Summer car hire - legacylad
80 euros.
Todays Revolut exchange rate dropped to €1.149. Atrocious.
 Summer car hire - legacylad
Sods Law booked a 208 direct with OK 17/10 > 09/11 . 24 days @ €269 two days ago.
Price has just dropped to €213. Drat.
I’ll send them a cheeky email and politely request the 208 GT I had in May.
Nothing ventured nothing gained.
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