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 Parking Apps - CGNorwich
I basically like the idea of paying for car parking via an app - saves time and much more convenient and flexible that traipsing to the machine.

But please can't councils somehow get to some sort to of agreement as to which App they are all going to use. Whenever I arrive at a destination they seem to use an App I dont have which measns I sitt in the car downloading yet another App.
 Parking Apps - sooty123
In that time you could have walked to the machine and paid ;)
 Parking Apps - Crankcase
We were in a new to me carpark last week (luckily I had the app anyway for that one - Ringo). An elderly gentleman and I approached the machine at the same time, me to see which app was required, him to pay his cash.

I was done and paid in about twenty seconds, before I'd got back to the car. The two ladies of the family then got themselves together ready to head into town. So it was probably about an hour and half before we left the car, and as we walked past, the poor old guy at the machine was still clutching his handful of old sixpences whilst squinting and muttering, squinting and muttering.

Later we were having coffee and more generic female faffery now meant the carpark was running out. Two clicks between slurps of frothy campo-chino (well worth the few extra coppers) extended the parking session. Sixpence guy would have been wobbling back to the carpark in panic.

I like apps, but the best approach is definitely to google which app you might need from home first, if feasible, and if it's a new one to you, get it set up and everything registered on your home wifi before travel.

You know, I sometimes wonder why I write all this rubbish on here. I console myself with the fact that nobody ever reads it.

 Parking Apps - CGNorwich
I always read your words of wisdom ;-)

I was staying in Stamford last week and without the parking app I would have had to walk 400:yards every morning before 8.00 am to pay for the public parking so I can see the benefits. Just wish they could all use the same App.

Ahi well eventually I will eventually have the full set
 Parking Apps - CGNorwich
I could have done but I wasn’t in a rush and took the long term view.
 Parking Apps - Zero
I *think* I can now survive witb just three parking apps.

Its still two too many

Like the Ringo implementation in Brixham. You check in on the app when you park, check out when you leave, and pay for the exact amount parked.
 Parking Apps - sooty123
Perhaps councils want everyone to walk to the machine to increase your step count, maybe its all part of some public health strategy.
 Parking Apps - Fullchat
We went up to Whitley Bay a couple of weeks ago. The Tyne Tunnel is cashless. Mrs FC was steering. "Download the App its cheaper" says she. Its £1.71 as opposed to £1.90. So who am I to argue? By the time I had set up the App and put credit on for the journey and return we had driven from outside York on the A19 to Durham.

Worth the effort I'd say :S
 Parking Apps - zippy
I have a Dartford Crossing account and have my car, Mrs Z and Miss Z's car on it.

Now it would be smart if all the tolls, congestion zones etc. used the same account.

Of course they don't want you to because they make money from you missing the payment and getting a big fine!
 Parking Apps - Terry
Apps are NOT the way to pay for parking.

Much easier to equip car parks with contactless card readers or smartphone readers. Press the time you want, wave the card, collect ticket, job done.

Standard systems already in use everywhere - no need for countless separate apps with questionable security and slightly different user interfaces creating complexity.
 Parking Apps - Zero
>> Apps are NOT the way to pay for parking.

Of course they are, its an application made for Apps.

>> Much easier to equip car parks with contactless card readers or smartphone readers. Press the
>> time you want, wave the card, collect ticket, job done.

The app cuts all that garbage out. You wander across the carpark if you like, the rest of us got to the pub ahead of you.
 Parking Apps - Terry
And you can set one up for me.

A single App may be the way to go - not the multitude that currently exist.

The principal reason I park the car is not to get to the bar quicker, however attractive that may occasionally be!
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 Parking Apps - bathtub tom
>> the rest of us got to the pub ahead of you.

First one there gets the round in!
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 Parking Apps - tyrednemotional

>> First one there gets the round in!

...or, for an increasing number of pubs, first one on the app gets the round in.
 Parking Apps - CGNorwich
It’s a lot easier if you don’t need to find the one working machine in the car park and then stand in a queue while people fumble around looking for the right coins or trying to configure out how the machine works. ( the worst I encountered was the one in Hay on Wye where the default language was set to Welsh)

Tha ability to extend your parking time without returning to the car is also useful. Apps are fine but just needing only one would be great.
 Parking Apps - legacylad
I didn’t know there were such things as parking apps.
Ignorance is bliss
 Parking Apps - zippy
Of course all parking apps charge extra, usually 10p or 20p. on top of the parking charge.
 Parking Apps - Rudedog
We have no choice but to use one to pay for work parking in our hospital's carpark.... great (not!) until the app sends you to your banking app to get approval for a £3 daily charge.

Apparently 'free' parking for NHs staff is now considered a 'perk' and could have 'tax' implications if it was brought back following Covid.. but we are told we are just following National guidelines!

 Parking Apps - Oldgit
My local RingGo App charges me £1 for parking compared to 70p if I walk to one of the disgusting looking, gnarled machines in my local West Wickham car park behind Sainsbury's - assuming any of the three are working!
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