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 Dash cams - legacylad
I’m sure this has been discussed many times....two very recent incidents brought this into focus.
A few days ago driving the A65 to a hospital appointment a distracted oncoming taxi driver ( Craven Taxis) strayed onto my side of the road. Emergency braking avoided a head on ( thank F there was no one behind. Didn’t have time to look). Obviously distracted and knowing the time/taxi company he was on his way to pick up local school kids. If it wasn’t for my hospital appointment I’d have turned round and given him a mouthful as I know where they park.

A day earlier another emergency stop on the A65 as a biker misjudged my speed, I was travelling at the NSL as he overtook the KL bus on double solids.

Should either of those circumstances have turned out for the worse a dash cam would have been incredibly helpful, should there have been alternate allegations.

 Dash cams - Robin O'Reliant
I've had one for a few years now. I've never needed to use any of the footage and I hope I never do, but I wouldn't be without it.
 Dash cams - bathtub tom
Yes! Driving standards seem to be dteriorating alarmingly. I've one that records both forward and rear images. I'll often point it out to those doing damn, stupid things.
 Dash cams - MD
And I'm sure I've asked this before, but which one should one buy. Price being secondary.
 Dash cams - Robin O'Reliant
I've got a Nextbase and they do seem to be highly regarded.

Beware getting cheapo stuff from ebay, I've no doubt some are a real bargain but the two I had were rubbish.
 Dash cams - smokie
I had a free one previous car which I didn't bother with but I was asked what I wanted for Chrimbo and a dashcam for the new motor came to mind.

Someone here said about IIEWEY so I got this one from Amazon

It seems to work OK, I'm not really sure what to expect of it other than taking reasonably decipherable images. It does front and back if you want it to.

I fitted it myself but I could do with having at least the power supply re-done professionally, to get rid of the dangling power cable. I've been warned that just poking stuff behind the trim can cause airbags to malfunction.

I'm hearing on another forum that Halfords fit ones which they sell for not a lot I believe.
 Dash cams - Duncan
This guy gives, I think, very sensible reviews on dash cams.
 Dash cams - Stuartli
>> This guy gives, I think, very sensible reviews on dash cams.>>

He lives not a million miles from me and it's quite fascinating to see his excellent dash cam reviews featuring many roads I know well.
 Dash cams - Bobby
Thought he had given up years ago?
 Dash cams - Crankcase
He hasn't done a dash cam review for a long time, but he reviews other stuff all the time. He did one on an Edison wax cylinder player very recently, and a background music tape machine two days ago.
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