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 Car values - Bobby
I know we have discussed car values before and how trade in prices rose rapidly over last couple of years.
Out of nosiness just did some Auto Trader trawling.

When I got my X1, it had 10k miles and was 2 1/2 years old. Ok I got it through an auction buyer but I paid £22k for it.

The equivalent car now, less than 3 years old , with all the toys that my car has like sunroof HUD camera etc etc, is just short of £30k.

Think I will be holding onto my car for a while now!!!
 Car values - RichardW
Somewhat the same here.. we bought a pre reg 2017 C4 Picasso when it was almost 6 months old in Feb 2018 for £17k. It's now done 40k, and looking on Autotrader, similar cars are £16.5k. Likewise, I won't be changing it any time soon!
 Car values - maltrap
Six months ago we sold my wife's car to Mannheim.
So far it still hasn't been taxed or MOT'd.
 Car values - martin aston
maltrap could it have been put on a private plate?
 Car values - maltrap
Could be, but i suspect dealers may be holding on to stock because it's increasing in value.
 Car values - zippy
>> Could be, but i suspect dealers may be holding on to stock because it's increasing
>> in value.

That's going to kill cashflow.
 Car values - Zero
Mine is now worth more at 4.5 years old, than it was at 3.
 Car values - Crankcase
Sold mine yesterday (boohoo!) for £175 less than I paid two years ago.
 Car values - Terry
Just to spoil the fun.

Great that our now older cars may even be increasing in value, but it is of no benefit at all if you need to pay even more for its replacement and wait 6 months for delivery.
 Car values - CGNorwich
As a variation on the theme I’ve got a VW id3 on order. - delivery god knows when. Am paying £29.5k and second hand one year old cars are selling for £36k. May well be tempted to sell it immediately on delivery as others are doing
 Car values - Bobby
VW website says they start at £36k?
Have they increased the new price dramatically or did you get a discount?
 Car values - CGNorwich
Prices have increased since I ordered back in October. I got a good deal through DtD
 Car values - Rudedog
Quite odd when I pop into my VW dealer and the place is like a ghost town, I think they have an ID3 there but that's it. Outside it's mainly performance Golfs and Polos, very sad that owners on the GTi forum I go on seem quite happy to sell their 'dream' spec'd cars to make a few bucks and then wait over 52 weeks for a MK8.
 Car values - CGNorwich
Not sure it’s sad. It’s just a car after all. A profit is a profit.
 Car values - wotspur
I bought my Alhambra an 09 with 66k for around 6,400 5 years ago .
An Alhambra from 14 with that number of miles would be 7-9k
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