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 Why would this happen? - wotspur
Last year we sold my late dads white Audi Q3 ,all legit etc .
Today almost a year later , I wanted to see it it was taxed and MOTd, so I put the reg No in the Govt DVLA Search and that number plate was now registered to a black VW , Why might that have happened ??
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 Why would this happen? - VxFan
Maybe someone's put a private plate on the Q3, and sold the original one on to whoever owns the black VW.

There are websites that list when number plates have been changed. Not sure if the search is free though.
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 Why would this happen? - henry k
Perhaps the number on the Q3 has some value ?

I.E one of my previous cars that I bought S/H with no premium for the number plate came to a rusty end and I did then realise that the number plate had some value so I sold to one of the number plate companies. IIRC I got £200/300 for it

My Plate:-
Initial letter ( single in those days )- older that 10 years so would attract more buyers
Number less that 31 - day of the month so likely to attract more buyers
Letters that could more likely be initials - mine was D and two common initials

Have a look at one of the number plate companies offerings
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