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 Speeding fine in the EU - legacylad
A friend of mine, in a rental car, has received an email from the rental company about a speeding offence. 97 kph in an 80 limit. Photo of his rental car and it’s not being disputed.
He’s bang to rights

If he doesn’t pay the fine, €100 reduced to €50 for quick payment, will it affect any future rentals or fines if stopped by the local police and his ID is on their records ?

He only rents very occasionally in Spain, no other EU countries...I appreciate he probably won’t be chased for the fine in the U.K. if he doesn’t pay, and never rents again ( age restriction) is it likely to be picket up at passport control ?

No disparaging comments please....I know what I’d do....he’s asked me to ask the question ( I know, I know).
 Speeding fine in the EU - Zero
He wont be chased in the UK, He wont be stopped at Spanish passport control, However, assuming he used a credit card, the Hire company can take the money from his card (with an admin fee uplift) as per the rental contract.
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 Speeding fine in the EU - Runfer D'Hills
For the sake of 50€ I think I’d just pay it so that I could forget about it.
 Speeding fine in the EU - Terry
I got a speeding ticket in Spain a few years ago - slightly over the limit.

For the sake of 50 Euros - just pay it. Even if low probability, it is not worth the risk of being pulled over at some point in the future, possible rental company blacklists, etc.
 Speeding fine in the EU - CGNorwich
I agree. If you broke a country's laws then you should pay any fine incurred . Avoiding payment just becuase you think you can get away with it is simply wrong.
 Speeding fine in the EU - smokie
Zero is probably right, the hire company will just debit the card they have on file. That's why they don't like pre-pay cards (e.g. Revolut). Happened to me over the damaged car last year.

When in Germany three or so years ago my own car was owed away for being parked illegally ( - why oh why are their temporary parking restriction signs multi-lingual? LOL). Cost me €90 to get it out of the pound and they said a fine would follow, but it never did. Different with a rental though.
 Speeding fine in the EU - legacylad
The hire company will debit his credit card with their €35 admin fee for passing on the renters details to the ‘prosecutors ‘. He has €700 blocked on his card as he didn’t take out their comprehensive insurance. Just as I do.

They won’t be involved in whether he pays it or not.

As he’s of an age next month where he’s likely to be too old to rent hire cars, this is likely to be his last rental, so even if rental companies have a database, it won’t affect him.

 Speeding fine in the EU - Manatee
It seems unlikely that there will be any serious consequences if he ignores it, although it's possible the rental co. will charge his card to recover if they are liable, and add an admin fee on top.

However the only way to have certainty is surely to pay it. That's what I'd do unless I thought I was going to be down to my last £50 when I eventually fall off the perch.
 Speeding fine in the EU - legacylad
Final update.

The rental company debited his card for €35, their standard admin fee for passing the details on to the relevant authority. After which it’s none of their business.

I proffered no advice but would have paid the €50 fine without a seconds hesitation. Age probably discriminates against him getting another overseas rental, and I think he was shamed into paying it by other acquaintances.
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