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Friend's daughter is a student and part-time shelf filler at an Asda store.

She has the wee Fiat 500. Parked correctly in an Asda bay it was hit by a customer reversing a Range Rover.

Fortunately, another customer was looking at his phone and caught 90% of the event on his phone. He put a note on the Fiat, his phone number and left.

The girl's dad got the car fixed at a local garage- a few hundred pounds for some plastic bits & paint.

The video evidence was taken to the police station. Open & shut case - accident, failing to stop, failing to report it to a police station.

RR insurer has now been handed the bill and the RR driver has been charged.

 FIAT 500 - Cameras are everywhere - VxFan
And hopefully your friends daughter has a no fault claim on her insurance policy.

Once I had managed to prove someone had rolled back into my front bumper and damaging it, rather than them trying to say I drove into the back of them, I ended up getting some money refunded by my insurer as the renewal went through while the arguments were still going on and denial by the other party which subsequently increased the renewal.
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 FIAT 500 - Cameras are everywhere - Fullchat
"......... and the RR driver has been charged."

That refreshing. Tend to hear now that the only reaction is, 'Let your insurance company sort it out"
 FIAT 500 - Cameras are everywhere - Falkirk Bairn
"hit & run" is a serious offence - fine in all probability & points

BIG hit will be renewing the car insurance in the future
 FIAT 500 - Cameras are everywhere - Fullchat
In England 'Hit and Run' - Fail to Stop and Report is also a Recordable Offence which should involve the provision of Photographs, Fingerprints and DNA.
 FIAT 500 - Cameras are everywhere - Manatee
Back in about 1992 I was hit up the chuff on the M1 on a windy, wintry Friday night. I stopped, the driver behind didn't. Bumper damage only and a slightly sprained boot catch.

There was a line of 7 or 8 cars stationary in lane 3, all waiting for the police to arrive while traffic was still whizzing by at 70 in lane 2 and lane 3 of the opposite carriageway. After about 10 minutes of this I decided I would just leave, so having exchanged details with the one who hit me I went home.

I was surprised, a week or so later, to receive a letter from the police asking why I had left the scene of an accident. I said I'd had enough of standing on the central reservation of an open motorway, which I considered dangerous, so having exchanged details (this being how they had traced me) I left. Never heard any more about it.

I didn't think leaving your details and going home constituted "leaving the scene"?
 FIAT 500 - Cameras are everywhere - Fullchat
It doesn't. However theoretically you have to provide ALL of below to any person having grounds to require details:

Damage only - Name and address of drive, registered keeper and identification mark of vehicle.
Injury - All the above + insurance.

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