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 MOT weirdness - bathtub tom
Last year, I had an MOT advisory for having one (of six) LED out on my high level brake light. I took the thing (partially ) apart, but found I could do nothing wth it. As it was only an advisory, I wasn't prepared to cough up eighty quid for a new one.

MOT booked for today, so last night I gave the car a quick check and found the high level brake light wasn't working at all. Phoned today to cancel the MOT and order a new light (now a hundred quid).
MOT examiner told me that as it wasn't working at all, it's a pass.
Half, or more than half the elements working is an advisory.
Fewer than half the elements working is a fail.
 MOT weirdness - tyrednemotional
The official position:

"Vehicles first used on or after 1 January 1971 must have 2 stop lamps, one on each side."

"Additional stop lamps, over and above the mandatory requirements, must be tested. However, if you are not sure if they are connected, you should give the benefit of the doubt."

It was disconnected, wasn't it ;-)
 MOT weirdness - bathtub tom
>>It was disconnected, wasn't it ;-)

By a few miles, it was on the workbench.
 MOT weirdness - slowdown avenue
had that with a polo. i put black tape over it to hide it. thought it best after been sworn at from following driver. funny how it suddenly came back to life ,when i bleed the brakes
 MOT weirdness - bathtub tom
Got a new one (£101) main dealer. Sitting at home with covid, bored, I got the old one out and dismantled it. Ordered some LED strips from ebay and fitted them in. I've now a working high level brake light for less than four quid.
Wonder what shall do with the hundred quid jobby?
 MOT weirdness - tyrednemotional
..they'll possibly take it back for a re-stocking fee, if it is in pristine packaging - otherwise, eBay.
 MOT weirdness - Fullchat
I had a similar issue with a Sorento mirror which wouldn't fold back properly on its motor through 90 deg. I bought a new one, over £200 at the time.
Got the old one off and took it to pieces. There was a nylon cog in the mechanism which had stripped some teeth. It was simply rotated through 180 deg to expose good teeth and that was it. Good as new.
I shifted the new one through the Sorento forum at a loss of course. So I did recoup some cash.
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 MOT weirdness - Dave_
We don't offer returns on electrical parts, other dealers may be different.
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