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 Tesla - Recalled for excessive flatulence. - VxFan
Tesla is recalling some 579,000 vehicles in the United States after an American safety organisation ruled that the cars’ “Boombox” function — which allows drivers to play sounds over an external speaker — may endanger pedestrians.

The Boombox system gives drivers the ability to broadcast pre-recorded noises such as fart sounds, the bleating of a goat and others via an external speaker.
 Tesla - Recalled for excessive flatulence. - zippy
I did wonder how long it would be before someone played something like a Pelican Crossing type sound from the car to entice a visually impaired person to cross when it wasn’t safe - for a laugh!

Alternatively I wonder if you could change the sound on the fly so you could record ambient sounds and build an opposite wave and have a dangerous noise cancelling car?
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