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 Renault - Goodbye VW, hello Renault - legacylad
Friends had a high mileage 12 yo Tiguan diesel. The turbo blew and it had other issues so it’s been scrapped.
It’s being replaced imminently by a low mileage 2017 Renault 1.5 diesel Kadjar, delivered to their door by Kazoo
Im not sure why they wanted an SUV but they go off road on rough tracks with mtn bikes ...
The Kadjar is something I know nothing off..possibly a reskinned Qashquai, which I also know nothing of.
Hope it lives up to expectations for them, but apparently they can return it within a short timescale if it doesn’t suit.
 Renault - Goodbye VW, hello Renault - Mr Moo
Yep, it’s a reskinned Qashqai, although the boot is quite a bit bigger. For a modern diesel the Renault 1.5 dCi unit has a pretty decent reputation for reliability, so fingers crossed they should be ok.
 Renault - Goodbye VW, hello Renault - legacylad
Looks like they are keeping it.....being a 2017 model I think it’s pre facelift.
It has no rear parking sensors or camera....the former are being retro fitted, and apparently it does 60 mpg.
 Renault - Goodbye VW, hello Renault - Biggles
Had one as a hire car touring north west Scotland with five adults and associated luggage (the ordered MPV was not on offer in Glasgow). A bit tight on seating but managed to fit in all the bags and as you say very good economy.
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