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 EV Home charging protocols - Bobby
Out of curiosity, wondering what the protocols are for those with EVs who ask to charge their cars when visiting friends / relatives?

Whether it be short range hybrids so looking for a few extra miles before heading home or where you are visiting and staying over with relatives?

Has the “ what’s your wifi password?” question now been replaced with “what are your tariff costs ?”
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 EV Home charging protocols - smokie
I bought my mate an extra beer one night, which well covered the additional cost, making clear it wasn't simply me being my usual generous self! But the old Ampera didn't take a lot.

I think with the new car (when I get it) and it's greater capacity I'd avoid doing it (unless they had a charger) but if I did, I'd have an idea of how much I'd be using and offer something between the home rate and public charging rate.

Still cheaper than petrol :-)
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