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 Onto EV car hire - Bobby
A previous YouTube video on here regarding the MG ended up with me watching some reviews, liking one channel and his latest video is about this mob.

Looks like it could be an idea if someone was serious about going down the EV route to hire the car, all inclusive, for a month to see how they cope with it.

 Onto EV car hire - smokie
Seems an unnecessary expense really. It's only a car, and most are quite familiar with what they do already. :-)

In fact without the home charging capability (beyond the granny charger) it's going to feel more difficult than it would in real life anyway (for most).
 Onto EV car hire - sooty123
There's a place in MK that rents them out by the hour/day/week/month so you can have a play about and see if EVs are for you right now. Can't remember the name of it, it's in the MKone shopping centre.
 Onto EV car hire - VxFan
This one?
 Onto EV car hire - sooty123
Aye that was it, I thought it was a good idea and pretty cheap to get a drive in an EVs as most people won't have one or be able to borrow one.
 Onto EV car hire - Terry
Try before you buy is a sound idea. Most of us don't have experience of an EV - either driving or the realities of ownership - range, performance, recharging etc.

Far better to rent for a month for (say) £750 than spend (say) £30k on something you quickly realise is not fit for your purpose.

It is odd that many will part with £10-40k for a car, never having visited a showroom, relying only on road tests. The same approach for an entirely novel technology is bizarre.

For EV manufacturers it may even be a marketing ploy - rent car at a basic price for a month, if it leads to a sale discount the car by the rental paid.
 Onto EV car hire - bathtub tom
>> This one?

Have you seen their hire rates? Seems a very cheap way to hire a car.
 Onto EV car hire - Mr Moo
Perhaps they’re very confident in the residual value for their EVs?
 Onto EV car hire - smokie
I've said before here somewhere that I think there will be a strong 2nd hand market for EVs over the next few years so that fits with my theory.

The PHEV I just sold only lost me £1500 over 4 years. I did, however, get it at a very keen price at the auctions.
 Onto EV car hire - VxFan
>> Have you seen their hire rates?

Very little charge?
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